Monday, April 16, 2007

Shubha Nababorsho

Or so everybody on Orkut is wishing me. To you all, too.

It was the Bengali new year yesterday (Bengali year 1414) and I couldn't help but remember how tumultuous the last three such have been.

On the (Bengali) new year's eve in 2004 (1411) I finally promised V to give us a try. Till then I'd been enjoying a new singlehood and and didn't want to feel tied down again. Last six months of comparative freedom that was. :)

The next new year we weren't on talking terms because of a very bad fight, which, even now, I'm surprised that we survived. Two days later there was a tea-party at Calcutta Club where my family and I met V's family elders. V and I still weren't talking to each other, but we do have some lovely photos from that party.

The new year after that, in 2006 i.e., we moved into this flat, after an extremely disturbing time with his parents. I'll never forget how it felt. We'd spent a difficult weekend, trying to move our things and survive the emotional minefield we were living in. When we finally left, there were no goodbyes. We entered an untidy flat which looked about as inviting as a restaurant at midnight. We had no food or anything to cook with, so we went out and got ourselves biriyani and kebabs. V was very depressed and I was trying, not very hard, to stay sane.

This year though, life's a lot easier. We do have a Bhaeblet driving us nuts, but things are also smoother on the family front. We had biriyani last night, but we dined with V's father. (His mother is away, visiting family.) And we had a bitter fight yesterday, but at least now we know why we fight. A couple of steps up, or sideways, at any rate.

No, really, I do have blessings to count and I don't forget that.


Sunita said...

Happy New Year to you!!

The Mad Momma said...

happy new year to you! the husband and I had a bitter fight yesterday too.. and yes, we have figured out why we fight, but that doesnt make us fight any less!!

Grafxgurl said...

we are heavy into the fighting spree right now..

i do have second thoughts MANY times.

and youre living in the 14th century!?!! sheesh!!by the bengalli year 2007 the bengalis will be FAR MORE ADVANCED than everyone else was!! lol

Random Doodler said...

shubho nobo borsho :)
you had biriyani. I had exams.
who said life isnt eventful?