Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monojit Mondol's Dirtly Little Scandal

One of V's favourite stories is of a little misunderstanding that happened with a teacher.

When V and his friends were little oiks in class IX (or thereabouts) in St. Xaviers, Calcutta, the boys got into trouble one day. The details why are not important -- what is, is that they were ratted upon by a fellow oik. Vengeance was duly sworn, to be extracted during the Zero period, i.e. after the lunch break. The plan went that, as soon as the boy went into the class, the doors and windows would be closed and he would be given a little corporal punishment by his peers.

Boys were posted in place, ready to slam the doors shut, when in came a (female) teacher instead of the Rat. Unfortunately, the doors and windows were shut before anybody realised the difference, and this went on to have disastrous consequences: the teacher, alarmed at being shut in a dark room with a bunch of 'young men' feared the very worst. She quavered out that they shouldn't do anything hasty, that she was after all their sister (and they her brothers). Realising their mistake the boys opened the doors, and she ran out in terror. So all the classes down that corridor were treated to the sight of the teacher running for her life, if not her honour, followed by lots of 15 year-olds anxious to explain that she had it all wrong.

That teachers can be exceedingly silly we all know. But whereas V's story is funny, what follows is not:

I was treated to Monojit Mondol's story last month, and I had found it exceedingly funny. Knowing the man, I fail to perceive why anybody in their right minds would wish to proposition him, in any way at all. Not only is he a bad teacher and an unpleasant person, he is also, well, the word I want is UGLY, but I do not wish to be rude, so shall we say he's no oil painting?

Now though he has taken his little story to the media and I find I'm rather angry. Us hooligans from JU know we have a reputation to live down purely by association with our Uni. We really could have done without this pathetic creature and his neuroses.

On request I have removed the original link to a blog post that told the story with all its relevant details. The current HT link is inadequate and a little misinformed but better than nothing.

The results were eventually published by JU on Saturday, taking the average of past performances of the students. I am assured that MM has psychological troubles, which would explain... nothing?


Rimi said...

Good question :D As soon as I meet SB I shall ask him.

Dreamcatcher said...
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Dreamcatcher said...

Yes, but the next thing you know that comment might just be another instance of a student harassing him.

Grafxgurl said...

lol, such fun!!!
alright i shall be sober now.

Sunayana Roy said...

Rimi - I cut that line out, after our conversation, but do ask.

Dreamcatcher - :)

Grafx - Yes, I must admit it's fun for us outsiders, although I feel quite bad for these kids. :)