Saturday, January 20, 2007


I'm back. Ish. If you know what I mean? I've managed to carve out some 'me' time but that's the half an hour between the time the maid leaves in the morning and the time I need to wake up The Bhaeblet. So usually, I do whatever little housework I can squeeze in then.

I do get odd pockets of time in the course of the day, sometimes, but not so many as you'd notice. Not so many as I'd notice either, given that I'm usually lying flat on the bed during those bits, trying to get together enough energy to get up.

Blogging, not unnaturally, has taken a backseat.

We've been here in Cal three weeks now and I have to admit that the flat is finally almost habitable. There are still some cardrobe boxes I need to sort out and get rid of, but mainly, we're good. The wardrobes are mostly sorted, the kitchen is stocked and functional, the laundry backlog has been cleared and The Bhaeblet's possesions are handy. There's plenty more to be done, but it's mostly work that even I can turn a blind eye on. Now to get down to the serious work of visiting the million odd households who have invited us. Mostly, for R'n'R, The Bhaeblet, V and I go for drives. If we happen to land up at someone's house, so be it. He (not V) has a nappy buddy growing up rather cute in Salt Lake and we visit her a lot. There was a wedding last weekend and the son and heir went for all but one of the functions. The one evening we didnt take him -- it was a dance and I thought the noise and the crowd would be too much for even such a social baby as he -- he ignored us both when we picked him up from my aunt's later on. Incidentally, that has got to be one of the lowest points of my short parenthood. I felt so horribly guilty!

Anyway, once and no more. I have to learn to spend time without him and so must he. Learn to spend time without us, I mean.

V has a cold, I have a cold and The Bhaeblet has a cold. So we are all feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. On the other hand, I made methi chicken. So, well, life can't be that bad.

Just imagine: come Monday evening V and I will have been married for a year. Some year it's been, too. In case I don't post before then (which is probable), here's looking at you, Joe!

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