Monday, December 04, 2006

What the Well-Dressed Mother Is Wearing

A Bhaeblet

-- The season's latest fashion accessory

Up close


Rohini said...

Ah! You have discovered the sling. Very useful isn't it?

Dana said...

very nice, i wonder why it hasn't become a more fashionable accessory, every thought of colour coordinating or colour contrasts?

ah I know this particular fashion accessory, though it gets most people ooing and ahiing with delight, has a down side, every now and again it poops

Anonymous said...


Grafx said...

is that YOU!!!! oooh first time!! first time!!! SO cool!! wow he looks really comfortable!..err im guessing you arent!!..err and if its not you..then WHO is it!?

grafx said...

ok never mind me. it IS you!

Sue said...

Rohini - Yes!

Dana - Sure he's co-ordinated :)

Opaline - Yeah, he's a wee runt.

Grafx - Yes, that's me and yes, he's very comfortable in the sling.