Thursday, December 21, 2006

Apologies in Advance

As you may have noticed already, I've switched to Blogger beta-that-was. Now that I'm here though, I'm a bit lost and haven't found the time to really rootle around and see what I can do. But there are changes I want to make. I've had basically the same template for over a year now and am pretty bored with it.

So, for the next month or so I will be trying out stuff. If the pages don't load properly please let me know. And I really must finish updating the archives.


ichatteralot said...

The google profile is highly dicey - one mistake there and one is bound to attract a LOT of attention!

Rimi said...

Oooh, pyschic! I was listening young mummees complain proudly about their wee kiddies, and I thought straight of Fudge and then straight of the Carroll verse.

Whoa, what?

So when's the touchdown? By the way, this tweaking your template on blogger is verrry annoying because mine's taking AGES to update. I'm extremely annoyed.