Sunday, November 26, 2006

Romance, Version III

This post was not kicked off by Rohini's latest, but rather by the SMS I just composed to send to V in Calcutta:

Potty! I miss you so much :(

Poignant, wouldn't you say? Especially if you look at the time I'm posting.

I'm coping without him, and my parents do help. Come to think of it, The Bhaeblet has brought about a few things I wouldn't have expected to see. He actually got a hard-bitten chauvinist like my father to change his diapers, even after potty, and see it as a talent to be proud of. Grandparents, I say!

I miss V all the same. Only, I'm never entirely sure how much I miss him as a husband and how much as an assistant child minder. I suppose, if Laura reads this post she really never will get married. The last one psyched her out badly enough. Heh heh heh...

Baby Update:

The Not-So-Wee Bhaeblet turned two months old yesterday and is therefore going to be referred to as Rahul from now on. He weighs around 4 kgs, and is getting ruder and more impatient by the day. But what can I say, I'm a sucker for that smile, so I haven't thrown him out with the rest of the garbage yet.


Rohini said...

You just wait and see what kind of things you will forgive for the smile. Ayaan currently has a bad habit of slapping me and when I scold him, he gives me a kiss and smiles - how can I be expected to stay mad after that...

Anonymous said...

I tried commenting and then blogger made twitchy noises, so here I am again. Actually, I owe you for QC. I found your blog through Bibek's and found the link. And then read through from the start. Am hooked, hopelessly.

Oh, yeah, one more thing! Don't judge me by the last post! That was just to irritate people!

Sue said...

Rohini - Wily kid. :)

Sathe - Always happy to spread the Good Word, I say.