Sunday, November 05, 2006


We are off to Madras today, all three of us. V returns in ten days' time or so. The Bhaeblet and I will return later, exact time undecided, so don't ask.

Posts and Orkut photos will continue, but of course.

Packing now, so see you later.


Grafx said...

ooooooooooooh i miss madras. :(

Rimi said...

The reason I'm gloating is because with your mum around, you'll have a lot more time to post.


Damn, I SO wanted to see Fudgity Fudge before you whisked him off :-( Screw porashona.

Sue said...

Grafx - Yes, well... Now that I'm here, I want to be back home!

Rimi - No, apparently. And there are always the photos at Orkut, I guess.

Primalsoup said...

Oh, welcome! :)

kutus said...

I almost laugh my head off reading about your breastfeeding ordeal.

Sue said...

Smugbug - Thanks :)

Kutus - Happy to be of service, I'm sure.