Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Has He Been Named?

Ah. I invited, as most of you may remember, your suggestions for names. Since none of you took me seriously, I allowed the two grandfathers to do the fell deed. And therefore F is facing the world (and more immediately, his paediatrician) as Sharabh Niyogy.

Now, Sharabh means ‘cheetal’ in Bengali. You know, the deer. I thought that was apt enough, because he does have nice-shaped eyes, and he moves around quite a bit for a prematurely-delivered newborn. Actually, he moves around quite a bit for any baby. Anyway, so I thought that was that.

My father returned to Madras last Monday, looked into the matter more thoroughly, and found out that not only does the same word mean ‘octopodal dragon who eats lions’, but is also used, in rarer usage, to refer to camels, crickets and baby elephants.

My poor son!

In the meantime, he had already been given his informal name, what we Bengalis call the daak-naam. The day he was born, an uncle of mine got tickets to a play called Bhaebla-i Bhalo. That means, say, “Bhaebla is the good one, after all”. V saw in it an omen, of course, and promptly christened his son Bhaebla. Non-Bengalis may inquire, what is the matter with that? Well, it amounts to a Southie calling his son Gundu, or Pandu, or some such nonsensical name. I can’t think of an equivalent in Hindi offhand, but there must be one. And of course, in no time at all he was called Bheblu, and Bhabbles, and Bhabs and even The Bhaeblet. I fought it, and have decided in time, when he acquires a shade more dignity say, I shall call him Rahul. You know, because it means ‘son of Buddha’ (stop that grin right there, WT!) and like his father, The Bhaeblet has longish ears.

Of course, ‘The Bhaeblet’ kinda grew on me, so that’s what I’ve been calling him as well. But I daresay I shall work myself up to the Rahul in time.

Anyway, the latest update on The B, as the blogworld will know him, is that he had his first real bath this morning. For once, we did something at which he didn’t try to scream the roof off. Felt quite surprised. In fact, he seemed to tolerate, if not actually enjoy, the water splashing over him. He didn’t like being dried so much, and showed no inclination whatsoever for the Mohawk I kindheartedly made him.


Rohini said...

I am green with envy. Ayaan cried through 6 months of baths but thankfully now he loves his baths except for the part where we wash his hair and face.

I started calling Ayaan my "Good Mood Goblin" when he was in one of his rare good moods. And it seems to have stuck - it became Gobline and then Gobby and now it's The Gobby.

WishfulThinker said...

LOL! I have to confess I couldn't stop my grin right there. :D

Rimi said...

Sharabh is very nice. I really like it. And you can always cleverly not mention the more, er, undesirable versions of the meaning, eh?

A friend of mine christened himself Rahul when he was in his early teens. I don't think you'll have ANY problems switching to that name in a couple of years time :-) Can I still call him Fudge, though?

The Marauder's Map said...

One has to think of names also? So soon? Oh glory be!

Sue said...

Rohini - Our resident goblin hates wetting his hair. But he likes the bit where he gets to sit in the warm water. Long may this stage last!

(Incidentally, he does have pointy ears :) )

WT - Tsk tsk...

Rimi - Yeah, it's nice. It'll become Sharaab Niyogy, of course, to his friends. And you can call him Fudge, of course. Mashis are priviledged.

Shrabonti - One does, if one wants it on the birth certificate. Not absolutely necessary, though.

Balaji B said...

he he...coud'nt really stop the grin at the 'octopodal dragon' and the 'son of buddha' :p...sharabh..nice name with the original 'cheetal' to it...not the other interpretations he he.....i was reminded of the ship INS Sharabh that was docked at vizag for quite sometime...now u can stop that grin he he...cheerios

Strictly for my friends said...

Nice name...but I seem to have taken a fancy for the dak naaam! It's soo cute!

Srin said...

*squeal* I love babies. I love bathing babies. Look, I can babysit anytime you and V want to go do something without the baby. I promise not to eat the baby up. Or kidnap him. Godpromise.

Sue said...

Balaji - Hmm... yet another usage of the name, I see. Now I wonder in what sense they named the ship?

Purbita - I hope you're refering to 'Rahul' :D

Srin - Do you also promise not to get him started on anything intoxicating, hmm?

Opaline said...



AYTIDA said...

nice name...... and heyy good idea with roy uncle planning to teach him math and sanskrit.... thats the way to go!!!

the world needs more people like roy uncle :)