Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mum. Me.

Well, whaddya know, I’m a mother. I think I really will have to accept it now.

F, V and I are back in my mum’s place (Moore Avenue, Tollygunge, if you want to visit). The kid is a fortnight old, and learning new tricks everyday.

Lots of people mailed, messaged, called and scrapped, congratulating us. Thanks, if I haven’t already acknowledged. Lots of others had plenty of questions, some of which I answer below:

How did I feel when I first saw him?
- Kinda shocked, he was so good-looking. Now V and I aren’t exactly mirror-cracking material (no matter what the man says in his Orkut profile) but such a fair, good-looking son was still a bit of a shock. That and the headful of hair. One of my earliest (and very groggy) thoughts was, they must have given me the wrong baby! Then I saw all the similarities he has with V, and accepted the state of things. Since then, the poor kid’s had a form of jaundice newborns are prone to, where his eyes and skin turn yellow, so his looks have suffered a mite. But he also looks more like a son of mine. :)

Who does he look like?
- He looks mostly like V, but the lower part of his face is much like my paternal grandfather’s. As I told my mother, it takes somebody like me to combine two such unlikely people. My grandfather died fifteen years ago, but I see his temper in my little baby. And I see V in the way he sleeps, with one hand tucked under his face, his head slightly upward-looking; in the way he whips his head from side to side without any warning; and perhaps most of all, in the most wonderfully charming smile.

Is he healthy and doing well?
- He was born with a lowish birth weight (2.8 kgs, 6.something oz.) but his legs and hands are quite strong. His lungs are pretty healthy too, considering the strength and duration of his yells when we do what he hates worst – bathe and change him.

Does he sleep nights?
- No. He ensured what I could not, viz. that V took last week off from work to help me out after I left the nursing-home. He simply left him too drained in the mornings!

What is his latest news?
- He had his first paediatrician’s appointment yesterday evening, where he was given his first polio drops and BCG shot. V and I were quite apprehensive and I was rather upset at the idea of anybody sticking needles into such a wee body. But after his first, surprised scream of outrage, he calmed down pretty soon and slept peacefully all the way home.

You will notice I have carefully refrained from giving him a name. We shall continue to refer to him as F for today. But he has been named, and that story will be the subject of the next post.


WishfulThinker said...

Come on! I have my own theory that I developed on my regular 36 hour train journeys to School in Ahmd that as far as babies are concerned, size of baby and decibel output of said baby are inversely proportional. Enjoy! :D

Rimi said...

Jaundice? I don't see much concern so I take it this is regular enough? Clarify quickly, please.

Also, when are you guys coming to the more accessible Selimpur/Jodhpur Park? Moore Avenue is just so far away (and Tua not in town to take me either).

and finally, fight Bhaebla with all your will and vocal chords, Sunny! Don't give in to the charming smile.

Rimi said...

Oh, and updates from my end, for what they're worth.

I'm considering:
a. quick marriage to escape academics.
b. ending it all. To the same end.

God, how I've let work pile up! It's UNBELIEVABLE!

Sue said...

Wishful - I could subscribe to that theory. He really is loud, even for a baby.

Rimi - The doc says it's common. I'm a bit worried because it shows no signs of clearing yet, but let's see.

I hope to return home by Diwali. Visit then by all means. In the meantime, catch up on that coursework and stop gadding about. :)