Wednesday, September 06, 2006

…That Baby’s Got New Clothes

Spoke to Aunty Hy this morning to see if she’s still in touch with the lady who was making and embroidering new-borns’ clothes when I helped Aunty out at the Loreto fête last year. Good news is, now Aunty’s getting them tailored herself, and she offered to fit out F with all kinds of things. So V and I are to go to her place this weekend and see what exactly she has in mind.

Which brings me to the superstition… My mother, after a lifetime of being a fairly sane if pig-headed lady, turned all weirdly superstitious last year. The wedding-planner (diary) could only be written in in red. (If you didn’t have a red pen/pencil/marker, you wrote on a piece of paper and stuffed it in the pages till the red thingie could be found.) The wedding could not be on a Saturday or a Thursday or on any day at all, seemingly. We could not travel during poush maash (mid-Dec. to mid-Jan. – which is when we did eventually travel, thanks to my beautifully timed stint of typhoid, hah!) Stuff like that.

And now it’s all spilling out again over the baby. She almost did something to me in the fifth month (I forget what you call that ceremony) but I was in bed and couldn’t have ceremonies done to me. Then she fluttered around trying to give me a shaad, but a dida put a stop to that, saying, “Don’t tire the poor girl out, she’s having a tough time anyway. Do whatever you want after the birth.” Good, because the very idea of having more than two or three people fussing around me is tiring in itself. And then, she wouldn’t allow me to ask the ultrasound doc whether F’s a boy or a girl. Now I ask you, how can I curse with any degree of fluency if I don’t even know what I’m cursing???

The one superstition everybody’s agreed upon though is the one where you don’t prepare for the baby. Everybody sorta (metaphorically) puts their hands in their pockets and whistles airily and claims not to know that a baby’s on the way and will need embroidered blankets, and wee dresses, and booties, and things. I felt very deprived, I can tell you. But everybody works around superstitions, I find. Ma’s been sneakily stocking up on old cotton sarees (for nappies, Wishful). Cousin J started college this year and got some new shirts tailored for that. Her mother ensured that half a metre was cut from every bit of cloth; she’s not actually making any dresses, of course, but she’s all set and ready to go when the dresses need making.

Ma and I have come to an agreement: I can plan whatever I like with Aunty Hy, so long as I don’t tell her I’m doing it. Because, you know, if she doesn’t know about it, it’s not happening.


(I don’t have a daughter yet but I can hardly wait to drive my own up the wall… *nasty smile*)


That doesn’t mean F’s a girl. Everybody wants it to be, including V and all my friends-and-relations, so, if my contrariwise genes hold out, F’ll be a boy. Hah!


M (tread softly upon) said...

Glad to know you're fine. Also was a little curious after reading that you were going to be in EEDF. I know someone who is a GYN over there and was wondering who your doc was.
Also were you in LH? Because your name sounds sorta familiar to me. Did you sing in school? Sorry for all the questions. You don't have to answer them, you know.

Grafxgurl said...

im sure baby F will look great in flowery prints even though he turns out to be a boy....hey...years from now..when he's ateenager...those pictures would be GREAT blackmail material to get him to do stuff..

bring on the sunflowers i say.

Rohini said...

I cmpletely side-stepped that particular superstition by buying everything before. But that was because I am very fussy about such things and the idea of someone doing the purchasing on my behalf after the kid was born didn't make me happy. Which reminds me I have list I made for a friend on the essentials. Will mail that to you.

WishfulThinker said...

LOL! Nappies indeed! And theres this pic of me when I was reeeely litte wearing a pretty dress and with jasmine flowers in my hair. I would have been such a wanton bombshell if I was born a girl. And had such a blast too! *sigh*

educatedunemployed said...

Awwe, people still fuss about like things like that.My sister in law got the sex of the baby known so that people could buy her appropriate gifts.That was naughty I thought.;)
Good luck with the pregnancy and all that will come with it.

Sue said...

M - Dr. Mitrasree Dasgupta. Sorry, I have nothing to do with LH. I grew up outside Cal, mainly. Only came back for Uni.

Grafx - Lol... nasty you are! Baba bought a pink set and a blue set, just to play things safe.

Rohini - See, I've been imprisoned more or less. Or else I'd have done the shopping. I certainly planned to.

Wishful - Indeed you would. Did they just dress you for fun or was it to ward off the evil eye? I do know there's a Tamil superstition where baby boys are protected by dressing them as girls. Damn cute.

EU - The doc would've told me... but I knew I couldn't keep it to myself, and my mum would've killed me...

WishfulThinker said...

No, no it was just for the funs. And I dunno about any such superstition though!

Cyberswami said...

er, I missed a few episodes I think. Why F? Do you have names planned in either eventuality?

Rohan said...

As m(tread upon softly) said, glad to know someone's alive on the world other than me.
By the way, why F? Why not, i don;t know, a or b or x or alpha or something? F is cool, though.

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Wishful - See, now you have to post that pic!

Cyberswami - F's short for Fidgety Fudge, which is the baby's working title, so to speak. We don't have any names ready because nobody gives me any nice ones.

Rohan - Your question answered above. Are you any of the Rohans I know personally?