Monday, September 18, 2006

A Star is Being Born Only

Well, folks, only 6 more days to go. Delivery's scheduled for Monday, 25th September, at 10 a.m. (subject to change depending on my doc's fancy.) We will be at K. D. Cure Nursing-Home, Jodhpur Park, and not EEDF. If you go down the Post Office lane from Dhakuria, take the first right, and then the second left after that.

What with one thing and another, I didn't get around to mentioning that F is attaining fame and fortune (well, one out of two isn't too bad) rather early in life. Our baby is participating in Intro, Kanti's new play, starting on Wednesday.

From the 20th to the 24th of September, you can go and see the wonder that will be F, twice daily, at 6 and 8 p.m., at Uma Art Gallery, Kolkata. Tickets will cost you Rs. 30, from the venue or at the British Council. Cheap at the price, if you ask me.

Apart from my star mom shill talk, I'd still urge you to go check it out. I haven't seen any form of the production so far, but I do know the people who have created it, and to my mind, that's recommendation enough. And Uma's easy to find. It's on your left on Lansdowne, near Lansdowne Towers, just before you reach Minto Park.

Rimi has more about the play here.

(Kanti, you may pay me by cheque please, made out to my ICICI bank account.)


Rimi said...

But you said F would be a Virgo! Remember? In reply to my text on your b'day?

Also, excuse me, the opening show happens to be on my birthday AND I put up the promo-post first, so I think *I* shall take that cheque, thank you Kanti. Hmfph!

vicky said...

er, 25th 10 A.M.

Sue said...

Rimi - Yes, we were rather scared of that, but we've managed to avoid it after all, as you can see.

I shall expect my cheque all the same, young Rimi, since my child is putting in a guest appearance in the production.

Vicky - Er, yes. 'Swatimeant

Rohini said...

That's so cool. Does he have any lines? :)

All the best for the 25th and give us the news as soon as you feel upto posting...

once again said...

the halo's :)

i am in kolkatta tomorrow for the day, hopefully shud be able 2 make it for the play !!!

best of luck for monday the 25th.


me !!!

Sue said...

Rohini - I'll see if V'll be so nice as to put up a line letting you know. He might be too busy grinning foolishly at his baby, of course.

Once - You mustn't miss it.

Srin said...

Soon you will be a Suemamma only. Like, vowww and all, like, teww khoo and all, like, yknow.

Vijayeta said...

You're having a baby???? I mean, you would have had the baby by now :)
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Is the baby Libran? They're total angels! I'm one so I'd know :P