Friday, September 01, 2006

Of Confidantes, A Compliment and An Invitation

Laura, her boyfriend and Nunu came over today. Despite her phallic nickname, N is actually all woman. A scrappy sort, but feminine with it. We chatted for a few hours; now that she’s gone, I know what I really miss here in Cal: a woman buddy. The girl I’m closest to is far too busy to have much time for socializing, particularly since I can’t hop out and meet her places, and my other confidante has gone far, far away. *Sniff* (That’s because I’m yawning, mind. No other reason.)

Seriously though, the nicest part about chatting with N was the fact that she’s the only one of my friends who has actually got married, and therefore understands the stuff I say. I mean, when I crib about V, and moan about relatives, and worry about the housekeeping, it’s so very easy for my single friends to block it out and tell themselves that I’ve gone “all domesticated”. Maybe I have, but this is as real a world to me right now as their jobs and pubbing is to them. What I resent the most though is a certain assumption on of their parts that, since they don’t understand my world, I wouldn’t understand theirs. Silly mutts.

I really miss having girlfriends around. V does what he can, and he does it very well too (yep, we aren’t fighting at the moment) but some things men just don’t get. He doesn’t understand the importance of having new clothes even though I’ll probably be spending my Puja at the nursing-home. Nor does he ever feel the need to just sit and chat with me mindlessly. When we’ve got things to discuss, yes, but some nights, my greatest confidences have been greeted with a snore. It is a mark of how greatly I’ve mellowed that I do not poke him awake in indignation any more.

My nit-picking earned that sloppy Joe I married a compliment today. Laura walked into our flat, looked around and said, “Wow Sunny, this is the neatest room of a pregnant woman I ever saw.” It’s true that V does the picking up, but he certainly wouldn’t bother if I didn’t nag him into it.


Oh, and to answer everybody’s question:

The baby is due sometime around 24th, 25th September. The delivery’s been brought forward a month because my doctor does not wish to risk an emergency during the Puja chaos.

We’ll be at EEDF, Jodhpur Park, so if you’re in Calcutta, come visit.


Grafxgurl said...

i just miss my friends...period. its been so horrible to be stuck here ...

i have yet to make a married friend....and yes its true...single people now think we are "smug marrieds" and i feel like slapping the uptight snobs.

ooh getting close to the popping day!! am so excited!!

First Baby on the Blog!!!

WishfulThinker said...

Um, just registering my presence here. :)

Sue said...

Grafx - See now, using terms such as "popping day" will only serve to psyche me out even more than I am anyway!

Wishful - Registered. I see you've got a party down at your place.

starrynan said...

Nunu was in town?

Beq said...

There was a jibe in there somewhere...but yeah, this nunu is a good nunu

indianpeppone said...

I too miss having my girlfriends around..... unfortunately my fiance seems to object :)

once again said...

wow, 24th sep is like close :)

all the best with the delivery.

Sue said...

Nan - Hullo. Yes, she still is, I think. Should be leaving today or tomorrow, or something like that.

Beq - Jibe?

Pep - I'm sure you do... I hope your finacee smacks you now and then. Sounds to me like you could do with regular smackings.

Once - Thanks.