Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Journal in Shorthand

Hello, world.

Was an eventful week, this last one. Monday night dinner was at the Sumit Roys, where a fantastic time was had by all. Tuesday was a Tired Day and I was miserable because of, er, marital discord following on from the previous weekend. Wednesday I went to see Intro. I meant to give the kids a writeup, but their last show was yesterday evening – despite the crazy rain, which actually necessitated their having to bail out the driveway leading to the gallery – and they have been going houseful and more anyway, so I’ll just excuse myself, after all. It was grand though, and I think I forgive them for editing my baby out, although of course I will never tell them that.

Not surprisingly, Thursday was a Tired Day as well, and I had a horrible tummy upset to boot. What with the sudden attack of nausea and the diarrhoea, it was also a miserable day. V though spoiled me lots, so it was better than it might have been. Friday was his holiday, because of Mahalaya, and we had a lovely day lazing around and getting nothing done.

Ma gave me a shaad of sorts yesterday, i.e. Saturday. Since it’s actually meant to be a sasurbari thingie, and also because of the tummy upset, we kept it small, but she made me ilish machh’er tak and rice payesh, both of which I love, so it wasn’t too bad. Baba flew down the same time, so he got an eyeful of me dressed up in a saree and sindoor and all that jazz. Seemed to console him considerably. Probably the first time he’s seen me thus togged up since the wedding. (Not that I don’t do the whole saree routine, it’s just that he hasn’t been around to see it.)

I just wanted to jot down a quick summary of this last one week to look back upon.

Have been feeling awfully tired all day today (so what else is new). Took things easy all morning, will be packed off the nursing home in an hour. Am awfully nervous, now the time’s almost here. I know it’s a routine operation and all that – but they are still carving me open, innit? Also, lots of horoscopes in the Sunday papers this morning promise V that things will go his way, that he’ll get what he wants. I’m rather afraid that means it will be a girl after all.

Keep your fingers crossed tomorrow morning around 10 a.m. then. Will let you know more as and when I can. Or V will, as I said before. Ciao.


Rohini said...

Hey all the best. My c-section was surreal as the doc and the anaesthetist (sp?) were discussing the traffic they encountered on the way to the hospital while working on me!!!

And I am waiting to say 'I told you so' about your previous post. ;) When they are toddlers, meanness doesn't usually have the desired effect and can often result in an traumatic (not to mention embarassing) meltdown. But I agree that it is an effective strategy as they get older.

WishfulThinker said...

C-section huh? I was a C-section and lookit how I turned out. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Rimi said...

Folks, she has a son! And we've been told (I slept till 4:30 and have just noticed the text) that she and Fudge are both doing well.

Yay, people! :D

WishfulThinker said...

@Rimi: Thats super news! If you get to see her or text her or something, pliss to be giving her and V my heartiest congratulations! Ho Ho Ho and all that! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy weighing 2.8 kilos, born at 10.55AM on 25th September 2006. Mother and son doing fine. Pics will follow.


- Brand New Dad.

Dreamcatcher said...

Congratulations, you got your way after all.

vicky said...

Go here all:

M (tread softly upon) said...

congratulations! this is wonderful news.

Anonymous said...



once again said...


congratulations :)

Sue said...

Rohini - I finally passed out, near the end, despite the epidural. Aneasthesia of any kind does affect me strongly. As for the last post, the writing's a bit mixed up. I was talking of kids 4 up.

Wishful - Scare me, would you?

Rimi - Thanks. V informed a million people, but a helping hand is always appreciated. Now you must come down and meet us at Moore Avenue.

Brand New Dad - As a matter of curiosity, does the elation withstand the sleep deprivation?

Dreamcatcher - So I did. Of course, the next one will be a girl. Not anytime soon, but eventually. :)

M, Roots, Once Again - Thanks, you all.