Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Charulata Episode

I felt a bit like Charulata this afternoon. I was sitting on my bed, trying to finish my lunch. V had gone to see about the security system for Ally-the-car, and I was alone at home. Suddenly I heard the drum of the monkey-man and went to the window. As I watched the man and his monkeys turn into the lane in front of ours, I suddenly realized that that famous first scene of Charulata hadn’t been much different. I was looking out, not exactly through wooden shutters – although our windows do have them – but over a lace half-curtain; I didn’t use opera glasses either: we live on the ground floor and the only thing between my window and the lane is our verandah – but that sense of being utterly alone on a hot afternoon was strong.

The man stopped just in front of my house to chat with a young girl from one of our neighbouring windows. I couldn’t hear all that was said, but eventually she came out, and shyly asked him to come by on another day, because she wanted to see the monkeys dance. They were rather cute, too. There were two adults, a male and a female, and a baby. The entourage had halted because the young one seemed hungry and didn’t want to let the mother walk. Anyway, while the man and the girl were talking, it suddenly started pouring with rain. They took shelter under the roof of a garage in front of my verandah, but there were all these ants bothering the monkeys. So I called them to at least sit out the downpour in my verandah.

Made some tea for the man and myself, but I don’t think he had any of it. I saw him pour most of it into a saucer for the monkeys. For that matter, I didn’t know monkeys have tea. He wouldn’t take anything else though, either for himself or for them. The baby tried to get into the flat from under my feet, but since the mother showed no signs of following him there, he changed his mind.

Sometimes, loneliness is alleviated in the most unexpected ways.

V called in between, and asked me to take a picture, so here they are:


Grafxgurl said...

he looks a simple happy man... performing do monkeys eat everything.

WishfulThinker said...

I can just imagine the entire scene in sepia tints in my head. And I'm going Wow! There's a tear-jerker if I ever saw one. *WT exits to soulful strains of many stringed instruments*

Rimi said...

Sunny, that's an incredibly beautiful post. Unexpected, considering your latest quirky posts. Which is what I suppose makes this all the more... precious?

Overlook corniness. It just really is lovely.

Rohini said...

Wow! That was surreal.

Laura said...

wonderful post. made me happy. thanks. :)sweet pregnant lady you be.

Sue said...

Grafx - I s'pose. V said they probably drink alcohol as well.

Wishful - Don't be daft! It was actually quite funny, with the baby trying to dodge under my feet.

Rimi - Hmm... quirky eh? How long did it take you to choose the word?

Rohini - It felt surreal to start with, yeah. I love the movie, but never thought I'd identify like that.

Laura - My pleasure, I'm sure.