Thursday, July 20, 2006


I really am too busy having my child to spare the time to bomb Bombay these days. I fully anticipate even after delivery I shall be much too occupied with far more important things to be able to give my time to "subversive activities". So, even though my blog has been judged too revolutionary to be viewed in my country, I do assure you my intention was not to bring down the government.


I have received the following message a million times today, but just in case there are any people out there who are wondering how to get around the ban, please read on:

In the wake of the recent terrorist strikes in Bombay, the government of India has covertly started blocking access to all, and pages. Many of the leading ISPs in the country are doing this, and although governmental intervention has neither been acknowledged nor confirmed, calls to some of the ISPs have confirmed that the government has asked them to do this. Should terrorists wish to use the internet, there are much better and easier ways of doing so than blogging, which is a very public space. Do spread this message throughout the world so that everyone gets to know about this subversion of the right to freedom of speech in what is supposed to be the largest democracy in the world.
In addition you can go to and type in the name of the blog you wish to access, if your ISP is blocking direct viewing. All those who have blogs should post extensively about the ban so as to reach as wide an audience as possible.
Also send by snailmail a request under the Right to Information act to the Government of India querying the block. For details on how to do this go to
Calcuttans, Lansdowne PO will accept these requests. You will have to pay Rs 10 at the PO.


V and I have been using Torpark (a proxy browser that works via the Firefox engine, I believe) to access blogs since yesterday. Download it from


Techies or would-be techies might wish to check out this page for more ways to circumnavigate the ban. I'm enjoying this!


jhantu said...

Does anyone here agree with me that bloggers are way too self-promoted-hoping -to-be-self-important people??? If a handful of sites do get blocked whats the big deal anyway??? It wasnt as if these sites were promoting/doing something worthwhile in the first place. Whats the whole hulaboo about it anyway??? every blogger worth his blogo-salt will now write in a piece on the blog-blockade thing, this would go on for the next month or so and then once the issue has shifted below the publics’ tiny horizon-of-view, its back to usual business. So whats the big deal?? Why clamour for all the attention anytime something miniscule-y interesting comes up in the indian blogosphere??

Rohini said...

@jhantu: Because it is not just about the ban on the blogs. It's about two larger issues in my mind:

1. The fact that government gives itself the right to curtail what we want to say, see or do.

2. The fact that the government and the ISPs are so technologically inept that to plan a list of 20 sites, the ban the whole of blogspot, typepad and geocities. And these are the guys writing the blueprint for tecnology and communications in India..

Sue said...

Jhantu - It's not clamoring for attention, it's called standing up for your rights. You and I come from a state where all liberties were taken away as recently as in our parents' generation, it's up to us to ensure that things never reach such a pass again.

Rohini - Concise and utterly correct. Not too many people have thought of the latter point, but it's quite a worrying thought. Particularly when you consider Ankit Fadia is (was?) an Indian and therefore available.

Grafxgurl said...

oh my god thank goodness there are some alternative ways of blogging!!! id DIE without reading my indian blogger friends' posts!!.. plus its one of the most important ways of keeping in touch!!

does the indian govt realise that its the only idiot to have blocked blogs!?! i mean HONESTLY.. are they THAT naive to not figure out that tomorrow someone else can start another blog provider!?!?

no one can stop people from writing what they want in a million diferent ways if they want to.


Sue said...

Grafx - That's what's so silly... I found out how to get around the ban within minutes of finding out about the ban! V's mail about Torpark reached me when I was trying to load my page. All this ban does is make the govt. look silly.

educatedunemployed said...