Tuesday, May 02, 2006

World-Famous Scrambled Eggs

Inspired by several food blogs I have been idly perusing the last two months I am emboldened to add at least a recipe post to my own blog. In other words, rejoice, for here is my world-famous recipe for scrambled eggs. That, by the way, is not an idle claim since this recipe has travelled as far as Idaho, which, from where I'm sitting is halfway across the world. Its main claim to fame is that it requires precisely 3 ingredients. So read on:


1. 1/2 tsp butter or vegetable oil.
2. 2 medium-sized eggs
3. 1 tbsp tomato ketchup or any other sauce that happens to be your favourite.


1. Heat the butter/ oil in a a non-stick saucepan (never used any other kind myself, so can't help you there).

2. Take off flame, break eggs into saucepan. Working quickly, stir it for about 5-7 seconds so that the eggs start scrambling and the yolks mix well into the whites.

3. Return to fire and continue stirring for another minute. The mixture ought to be forming uneven, light yellow lumps and should be a little wet and sticky.

4. Remove from fire and add the sauce. Return to fire, continue stirring till you reach desired consistency.

5. Eat with hot, buttered toast.

Notes: You can really try this with a variety of sauces, or even a combination of different sauces. Worcester by itself is not a great idea, like soya sauce. Or so it seemed to me. Tabasco was liked by some.

You don't really have to do the on fire/off fire thing. I do it all at one go, but perhaps the first time you'd rather do it that way to ensure the eggs don't cook and dry up too quickly.

I like my scrambled eggs a little 'wet', so I give them another 30-45 sec after adding sauce. V likes his drier, so his are cooked for about a min or a bit more. You choose.

For those who like the traditional version, add a dash of milk (1 tbsp) and a pinch of salt and pepper instead of the sauce. Method remains the same otherwise.

Those who want variety can experiment with shredded (canned) tuna bits, ham bits or even bacon bits added just after the sauce. They require no extra cooking time.

Coming Up!
Recipe for Hot, Buttered Toast!


Sue said...

You do of course realise that the bacon needs to be fried, then chopped, before being added to the eggs...

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Bacon bits, mmmmm! For best results, fry the bacon first, dredge the rashers out of the pan, then fry the eggs in the bacon fat.

I like to add a half-spoon of dahi for every two eggs, it makes them a leetle fluffier.


Mortart said...

I am not qualified to comment on your recipe. But I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog (www.octogenarian.blogspot.com). I'm complimented that you want to link my blog to yours. No problem. My e-mail message to you bounced back. So I have to say here that I was interested to learn that you live in Calcutta. As you may have seen in my blog, I got to know your city very well during World War II when I served in India as an American soldier. I was based for one year at Titagarh (also known as Kharda Mills), a former jute mill. It was not far from Dum Dum airport and the town of Barrackpore. Also, it was across the Hoogly from a place called Hastings. Does all this make sense?

the still dancer said...

And I thought I was the only person famous, or notorious, as the case may be, for my 'experimental' scrambled eggs (rather like experimental french cinema, I suppose). Well, one lives and learns, lives and learns.
Here's all that should go into it:
first of all, a mixture of butter and olive oil.
And then a variety of sauces, including worcester, tabasco, soya. A little rock salt. chopped garlic, green chilli. Sun dried tomato, chopped up. Just a dash of alcohol- especially vodka or a good single malt. Pure heaven!!
And oh, my secret little gondolin is

Sue said...

JAP - I guess my nicker for you (see bloglist on right) was right, at that.
I always fry the bacon first, as you said, for obvious reasons.

V bought some pork sausages from Kalman's (Free School St) a fortnight ago and we've been frying them in the fat sliced off the ham from the same place. Nicer than butter, even.

Dahi is worth a try.

Mort - Thanks. I hadn't read that far into your archives, but I will. And of course I know the places you are talking of!

Arka - I'm impressed. Will try out your recipe but see, you must have realised I'm not much of a cook, else my best-known recipe wouldn't be famous for its paucity of ingredients!

Rohini said...

Scrambled eggs... bacon bits...pork sausages....all this on the day I couldn't grab enough time for breakfast! I think this post is going to give me ulcers!

Sue said...

Rohini - Woman, most important meal of the day and all that! Tell you what, give yourself an extra nice lunch to make up. Not sure what's available around your office so I can't suggest stuff. But at the very least, treat yourself to a small bag of chips. Yummy without being too sinful.

(Yeah, I know, I should talk!)