Thursday, May 25, 2006

This Guy's Getting Fat

A link V sent me ages ago and which I occasionally go to, but keep forgetting to put up here:


Not just cos of the Beatles, but also because he's good to read, I recommend this blogger.

Adding more, later on:

This is my poll for the day:

If, while stuffing your cell-phone charger into your handbag you encounter the last two lozenges of a roll of Roll-a-Cola which you vaguely knew had been lying around in the bag for a few weeks (maybe more), and when you pull out what remains of the roll and discover that there's a grain of mouri (aniseed) sticking on to the topmost lozenge -- what do you do with it? Why?


Rohini said...

Roll-a-cola. Do they still make those. I used to love them. Those and Phantom cigarettes.

To answer your question, I would throw them away.

Albatross said...

Even I thought they stopped making Roll-a-cola already !
You might just try trading them for a fortune with some antique food collector :)

On similar note, do you still get those coin chocolates....?