Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sun, sun sun, here he comes

And I say, it's all right. I want to go dancing like you cannot believe. It's a shame I married a man who doesn't like to dance. And it's doubly sad that I'm too tired to do my middle-of-the-night-dancing-to-weird-songs-on-tv these days.


Since I feel a couple of years younger, several kilos lighter and definitely unpregnant, I'm dancing in my head.

This is why you shouldn't wear swishy skirts to work. Especially not red and white crinkled cotton swishy skirts. We all know what they say about red being the colour of passion. Or wait, wasn't that pink?

Part of the hilarity at office is explained by this. We all tried it out. Some of us are more suspicious than others.


WishfulThinker said...

No, no, pink is the colour of love. The smile test is way too cool babe! :D

Primalsoup said...

Nice test that. I just got 8 out of 20 right. Worrying it is.

Sue said...

Wishful - Is it? Do different shades denote various degrees of love, then? Would you characterise any emotion of yours by hot pink? Do tell, I'm insanely curious!

Primalsoup - Well, you're among the trusting ones. I scored 16, so you can see what a nasty, suspicious mind I have.

Rohini said...

I too am married to a man who hates to dance. It's a good thing though - since he really can't dance. I made him join a salsa class with me a couple of years ago and my toes have yet to recover!

I beat Primalsoup and got 10 out of 20 right - yay! Though a 50% chance of detecting a fake smile is still not that good. What was your score?

Sue said...

Rohini - Once, there was a salsa-learning party. V propped up the wall and watched me dance with the 'teacher'. He would like to dance, I believe, but we both agreed that's probably not a great idea. But there are all those decades to come, who knows, you and I may both be surprised :-)