Thursday, May 25, 2006


Rohini said...

Roll-a-cola. Do they still make those. I used to love them. Those and Phantom cigarettes.
To answer your question, I would throw them away.

Rohini - Well, I found these 2 rolls but I can't remember where I bought them, unfortunately. I used to love Phantoms too. We coloured our lips red with the 'flame' tips. I ate both lozenges, incidentally :-)

Albatross said...

Even I thought they stopped making Roll-a-cola already !
You might just try trading them for a fortune with some antique food collector :)
On similar note, do you still get those coin chocolates....?

Albatross - Yes, you do, but they're mostly imported Gulf chocolates and not all that tasty. Was given some good ones at my wedding, as part of my trousseau from V's side.

As for trading the Roll-a-colas, too late, I ate 'em!

Grafxgurl said...

its working now.

Grafx - It's not, at least I can't comment. And it's MY blog!

Jhantu said...

Being sex minded I would have my girlfriend sexily stick her tongue out and roll it over the roll-a-collas, while all the time thinking about the more useful things her tongue could do if we werent on the damn tube.
(is this publishable--not sure)

Jhantu - So you'd feed your girl ancient lozenges which have been rolling around in the dirt of your bag for weeks, would you?

Folks, Comments was working again this morning but isn't any more. Wonder why. I've been uploading all my old blog archives from the rediff Sunny Days and putting up all those comments. There weren't so very many but do you think the rapid posting triggered something off?