Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Of Stalkers -- The Confused Kind

The other night, V and I were busy in the thick of a fight, and we'd just reached the stage where I was going to tell him in no uncertain terms just what I thought of him and his pusillanimity. (The verbally challenged, go look it up in That's your little lesson for the day.) Anyway, just as I was getting ready to speak, my cell phone rang.

Irritated, I answered the call.


Hullo, is that Sunayana.

Yes, who is this? (I was in no mood for Pleases.)

My name is Rocky S, I want to make friendship with you --

This, in the middle of a perfectly good fight... I ask you!

So I told him curtly not to call me up ever again, particularly in the middle of the night and cut him off midway in a convoluted sentence in which he was trying to explain how the middle of the night was a good time to 'make friendship'.


That completely ruined the mood, as you can imagine. And since V was right in front of me I decided to share the joke rather than try to pick up where we'd left off. Somehow he didn't find it as funny. Wonder why?

Rocky S (or a friend of his since this was from a different number) was silly enough to try again, a few minutes later. So I let V answer and had the joy of watching my husband yell at some dumb kid for daring to make crank calls to his wife. It was quite cute. And he decided to take his angst out on this person, so there was colourful language thrown in for good measure. Now V's brother may be a far, far better swearer than V any day, but V's not too bad himself. And I don't normally let him swear at me because then I usually answer in kind and I'd like to break the habit because I honestly don't want my children's first words to be "bokathoda" or anything equally sweet. No matter what my friends plan.

That was Episode 1, last week.

This morning, the weirdo struck again. Gave me a missed call first. Since I didn't recognise the number I didn't bother to call back. After a minute or so he called back, but this time didn't ring off. So I answered. And he went, Sunayana?

Yes, who is this please?

I want to make frien--

That's when I got bored and put the phone on the table. Was too busy to listen to his whining anyway.

So he messaged. And that's one's so funny, I'll type it out for you.

Few relations in earth never die. READ AGAIN. Few(F) Relations(R) In(I) Earth(E) Never(N) Die(D). I jst want 2 have frdshp with u.Do u know [name removed] i want her inf


It wasn't even me he wanted to 'make friendship' with, middle of the night or not. I'm not sure but I think I'm insulted.

First he's too cheap to call. Then he says he only wants info about another girl. Some people just have no tact, I tell you.

Later Note: Since my blog seems to be read mostly by non-Bengali speakers, I just thought I ought to point out that "bokathoda" is how a kid might pronounce "bokachoda", which, as Cousin T so memorably defined for me once, is Bengali for "foolish fornicator". That's something else you know, now.


Bishu said...

Hmmm...vat a coincidence.Me too had the oppurtunity of bashing an anonymous admirer of my better half in the midst of a gharelu jhagra over my over-spending.I hope V relished the moment as much as I did by venting the anger through another outlet.

Grafxgurl said...


he wanted to MAKE friendship!?! i thought people just made love!?
* i need to think about that one*

anyhoo.. nothing like agood healthy vocal fight eh!!
erm...can kids hear from their mom's tummy?

M (tread softly upon) said...

looks like there's an over abundance of ppl trying to "make frndsp" right now. Read 3 blogs today complaining abt the sm thing.

Jay said...

For those of you too lazy to go to - Sue's link being defective and all - the definition is here:

pusillanimity: The state or quality of being pusillanimous

You're welcome.

And I too have some relations that never seem to die.

Sue said...

Bishu - V certainly seemed to enjoy it. The reluctant grin on his face seemed to say as much much.

Grafx - You lead a sheltered life, woman. And I dunno about kids hearing from tum. Does that mean I have to stop swearing now instead of just telling myself I must learn to stop it before the kid learns to speak?

M - Hey, you're back! Must check out those blogs. It's not that I mind anonymous callers so much as I mind their stupidities. Why do I get the dumb ones, is what I say.

Jay - Changed the link, lah. And thanks, on behalf of the workwise challenged. (Got an earful on political correctness from GreatBong recently :-) )

the wannabe indian punkster said...


and after all that he wanted info on another girl. what a turd.

and "make friendship" types are found in ammmrigaa as well(restricted only to desis of course).


Sue said...

Megha - Turd about sums it up. A colleague of mine got a mail from a similar bloke this morning where he talked about himself. His family he disposed of at one go by saying they all died in a car accident!

naVee said...

Is this 'Rocky S', the famous fashion designer?

Sue said...

Navee - One hopes not. I daresay Rocky S the designer dude doesn't have to try so hard to find feminine company.

sandipan said...

i'm a new reader of your blog... surely the guy lacks tact and must be insane to call you at midnight, that too for another gal's number!! however, he must be credited to an extent for ending the jhagra!!