Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Morning Blues, Clichéd as That May Sound

It's May Day and I'm at office. That makes it two days running that I had work and V did not(including Saturday I mean, which is always a holiday for him). Sometimes life isn't the teensiest bit fair.

We've been given a project: a Direct Mail package upon which our mysterious wonders to perform and obviously, I'm stumped and blogging instead. The thing is, I don't much like direct mail solicitations. I always read them, get attracted to the offers, and never follow them up. I usually forget all about them and by the time I come across the envelope/letter once more, the offer has expired. So it's really difficult proving to be impossible for me to write a salesletter which I find convincing.

What does one do at this point?

Sadder news is that I have finally reached the latest post in Questionable Content. When I first saw the site it was featuring strip number 500-odd. So I had a nice old time reading through the archives, seeing how the story worked out. Now that I've gone right through the archives I'm reduced to reading the one strip a day.

A Midsummer Night's Dream was quite good, actually. Very impressive. They spoke in Bengali, Tamil, Sinhala, Malayalam, English, Hindi and Marathi and since I knew the storyline following it was not a problem for me. Also, with the Tamil and Malayalam, since I was comfortable with the sound of them, I could occasionally recongise the odd word, which helped. With Hindi and even Marathi I knew where I was. With the Bengali though I was frequently at sea, since it was all poetic stuff! They had created an apron stage of sorts, complete with balcony, and the backdrop was a bamboo scaffolding covered with white chartpaper. The paper was torn through when the fairies entered, or when the lovers tore their way through the forest. Very imaginative. There were ropes hanging around and all the performers spent much of their time hanging from them. You could definitely see how Peter Brook's version had influenced Supple. I was particularly impressed by Oberon and Titania, not to mention Joy Fernandes as a spectacularly scatalogical Bottom. I mention Fernandes by name because he was really good on Saturday night, and it was only after the show that Supple announced that F had lost his father that morning and would be flying back home to Bombay for the funeral the next day. (He did, and came back in a few hours for Sunday night's show).

The open-air performance was well-scripted, well-rehearsed and very magical. The music in particular deserves special mention. It was simply superb. But also, as a friend of mine remarked, it was put together by money. So it was. After the privations of Goa, this was particularly painful, and made me wish there was some way we could apply for funding ourselves, someplace. It wasn't really sour grapes that prompted that remark, but wistfulness. Supple took his pick of Indian and Sri Lankan actors and it showed, but he also had the money to build the play he wanted. Ok, I admit he may have wanted more that I don't know of, but what he got was mighty impressive all the same.

I miss acting.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had the house-warming (or 'house-warning' as I apparently called it in my sms invites to all my friends -- I blame T9 for that one). A lot of people came over and it was fun, seeing them together after so long. Sonali and Akhilesh-who-is-usually-introduced-to-her-friends-as-Husband came early, since they had a dinner invitation afterwards. So we had the chance to have a nice, long chat before the rest of the horde arrived. The good thing about having the house-warming yesterday was that the rest of the flat finally got sorted out at last. There are some cartons still to be unpacked but they'll keep, seeing how they mainly have books. Right now the place look pretty livable and V and I were admiring it last night after everybody had gone home. It may not be much but what it is was made by us. And nicest of all, the flat's realising the potential I sensed the first time I saw it (in total darkness late in the evening). It's cosy and it feels like a happy place that wants children in it.


Rimi said...

What, no details of said house-warning party for poor convalescing (oh, how I martyr myself!) non-attendees? Sniff...

Sue said...

Rimi - If you really want to know what you missed, I guess I can mail it to you. Don't think anybody else would really be interested.

WishfulThinker said...

Hope you wet the roof as well as warming the house! :)

Rimi said...

Yes, of course I do. I love to kill myself that way. Mail along!

Sue said...

Wishful - There was some Fuel around, yeah. Wouldn't be a party at our place without. V would probably feel 'naked' or something.

Rimi - One mail coming up, as soon as I have some time.