Saturday, May 20, 2006

Margaret Atwood and Little JUDEans

Found this at the JUDE Writing in Practice blog.

Signed up today at the Blabberwocky forum

These kids make me feel ancient, mostly, but in a nice sort of way. They will never know the things I loved about JU, so it only makes sense they enjoy stuff we only dreamed of.

Incidentally, the Atwood link is mainly for all of you poets out there.


Strictly for my friends said...

What's this new forum?Is it anything like Orkut? Just checked it out and registered as well.

Sue said...

Purbita - It's the 'official' JUDE students forum. They have all kinds of discussions there, look it up if you're interested.

Erythrocyte said...

thanks for linking to the blog. yup, things are certainly different at JU now :)

Sue said...

Rimidi - So it is you! I know things are different. And I lied a little bit when I said I wasn't envious of it all :-) I am, just a wee bit.