Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hot, Buttered Toast

I have noticed many bloggers who put up tantalising trailers or promise posts and then forget to deliver. Rimi comes to mind, but there are far worse offenders. Now, I don't want to be ranked among them, so, as promised, here is the recipe for

Hot, Buttered Toast

(drumroll dies out, the audience is gestured into silence).

Yes, well, toast is a concept not all that easily grasped. Proper toast should be crisp, with the butter melted on it. It should not be soggy.

This is a very important thing to remember because far too many households dish out vague excuses of soggy, blackened bread as toast and it has been my unfortunate experience to have to politely eat them.


1. Bread, preferably at least a day old. (Always refrigerate bread older than a day.)

2. Butter, spread with a blunt knife, not a spoon.


Put two slices of bread very carefully in the toaster, adjust timing to a minute and look elsewhere. (Toast does not like to be watched. If you watch it, it will burn the exact same second as the bell rings or the milk on the stove boils over or anything else claims your attention for a fraction of asecond.)

When the toasted bread pops out, see that it's a light brown all over. If not, pop back in for another 15 sec.

When done, remove from toaster and place on a plate. Put in the next batch. Now butter the first lot.

Eat hot.

Ok, class, now what are the things we learnt today?
1. Staler bread toasts faster.
2. Those few seconds of airing are vital for the toast to get crisp and yet remain hot enough to melt the butter spread on it.
3. Cold/soggy toast is awful.
4. Burnt toast is carcenogenic (really). So if you've burnt it, please don't try eating it. If it's burnt only at the edges, at least scrape off the burnt bits before you eat it.

For those who live without a toaster, there is hope yet. You can always buy a stovetop toaster, something that looks like a flat, mesh-covered surface with a handle which can be placed directly on a low flame. When toasting on this, remember to turn the bread over every half minute or so.

Just to make you feel bad about your breakfasts, folks, V and I had fried eggs and bacon with toast this morning. And we are both carrying ham sandwiches for lunch. Chew on that.


indianpeppone said...

and for ppl without toaster?????
do chew on that one.....

Sue said...

Pep - Welcome back, was wondering where you'd gone to. See, I did include a section for folks without an electric toaster. They can get one of those cheap stovetop affairs. They require a shade more attention but can make good toast too.

Grafxgurl said...


Patient Portnoy said...

Chewed on that, and loved it :-)

Have a toaster, love my bread, with melting butter. Will remember you for tomorrow's breakfast

Sue said...

Grafx - :-)

Port - Hope you had a great breakfast. Mine's a sad story, will blog later. Madly busy now.