Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Day in The Life

You know you've become too ardent a blogger when you start feeling vaguely guilty just because one day you were too busy (and not really in the mood) to put up a post. And yes, since I'm talking about myself, I will use the less negative "ardent" in favour of the "rabid" which was how the sentence originally started out in my head.


Lots to tell, actually. I rather believe yesterday was one of those life-changing days your horoscope promises you with unfailing regularity every morning. After a frantically busy day at office, I was picked up in the evening by Ma and M'khurima (a.k.a. Cousin T's mum) and carted off to the gynae. The USG results were all ok, and you can actually see the kid in them, which, as you can imagine, is pretty cool.

To be strictly truthful, after I saw the kid in the scan everything else became a bit of a blur in an unimportant world. Talk of bonding with a plastic sheet! But I wasn't the only one, heh. When V checked it out later that night he had just the same goofy grin on his mug.

Anyway, the doc said all's ok, blah blah, eat properly, blah blah, oh and hmm, what's this I see, your placenta's slipped down, ok we must put that right with a bit of rest, so no office for you for 2 months, hmm?

This is why I go to her, because I honestly would freak out if any other doctor just took my world in that casual way and shook it so hard. Just like that. But her I trust. Anyway, it turns out -- folks who are unduly squeamish skip the next few lines -- that when the placenta slips down it's at greater threat of having pressure put on it when I move around. The baby'll be ok, but the placenta might bleed and then I'll be losing blood, which, I can tell you without referring to any doc at all, is never ok by me. Plus, I guess, with a damaged supply line, the kid won't be all that happy. Anyway, none of this has happened, and to avoid this, I'm being parked in the garage for the next two months, not to be taken out much.

That pretty much changes my life as I currently know it, but I don't think I'm complaining. I've felt so tired of late and I guess it's shown on the blog too, where I keep whining. When I created my Orkut profile last week I used the picture of Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout taking the garbage out as my profile pic. I guess I don't mind the rest. It'll give me all the time in the world to

(in no particular order of priority)

1) Put my darling flat to rights. It's been waiting a month and a half and I haven't even unpacked all my books yet.
2) Watch all those movies
3) Get the internet and cable tv connections installed
4) Read the books I married V for
5) (blushing slightly -- well, ok, I would blush if I knew how to) Er, finish embroidering those funny table napkins I meant to give V as a wedding gift
6) Figure out how to use my sewing machine. It was a wedding gift and I pretty much adore it but I haven't the faintest idea how to load the thread so that it doesn't snag from time to time. Then I can stitch stuff for the baby as well as alter my trousseau to fit my new shape. *Sigh*
7) Actually cook. Now that I'm doing it more often, I enjoy it if I'm not hurried. And since I have awesome cook genes in me, I might as well bring them to the fore now.
8) Watch tv. I haven't followed a single show or caught anything I wanted to catch in over a year. That's true, believe it or not.
9) Sort out my clothes. Lots of old stuff I don't think is worth keeping around for a whole year more. Anybody know any deserving charities in Cal who'd have any use for the kind of clothes I wear? Drop me a line.
10) Spoil V. The poor man's been as overworked and generally stressed out as I, and I do know that, and I'd really like to make things a bit easier for him. I know I can when I have the time.

You all do know what this list is for, right? This is for chuckling over in six months' time when I can pretty much see half of it remaining undone. I am phenomenally lazy when I can afford to be. So projects 1, 2, maybe even 6 and 9 may well remain but the gleams they currently are in this mother's eye. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

More later. Oh, and don't be surprised if I go off the air for a while after Friday. Like I said, we don't have the 'net at home yet.


Grafxgurl said...

hope you get the Net on FAAAAAAST!!!!

i make lists and then i promptly forget them...
so far.. this whole time ive been with my parents at home.. has been spent at the computer and fiddling with web code..

THATS getting grey hairs.

Jay said...

Just put up a picture of your unborn baby, dropped placenta and all (which, incidentally, ewww but nevermind) and voila! a post in itself with no writing necessary.

It could be ever so slightly tasteless to use the fruit of the union of your love for a blogpost, but it's OK, 'cos you're 'ardent'.

Sue said...

Grafx - Um, learn to cook? Or has that already been done? There are worlds of stiching left to be conquered. Failing that, go swimming. I dunno, am out of ideas now.

Jay - But I don't do picture posts. Nah, you'd need to know where to look to be able to see the kid. Since you're not one of the esoteric circle, :-P

Known Stranger said...

your last bottom scrolling is impressive

Sue said...

Known Stranger - Are you refering to the marquee?

Cyberswami said...

in my humble (and rather apologetic) opinion, if 3 happens then it will be very hard for 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 to happen. 8 stands a chance, as might 10. but we are all rooting for 3. at least i am.

as for scrolling bottoms, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Rohini said...

Did you get to hear the heartbeat?

And isn't the point of staying at home to get some rest? Your plans make it sound like you'll be busier at home than office.

Essar said...

OMG! so you're going to be a mommy!!!!! Congrats!

Sue said...

Cyberswami - You never know. We are talking of me being rooted at home, more or less, till November. That feels like forever!

Rohini - No, I but I know what's like. Have decided to ask to hear it next time. Am hoping they'll let V in.

As for the plans, well, they're only plans. And I do have enough time take things very, very easy.

Essar - Thanks :-)

Bishu said...

Get the broadband @ your home soon.
Looking forward for the homely posts.The bright side is your last bottom scrolling would no longer have to justify the HTMLs and can have a rest :0)

Sue said...

Bishu - I have a bad feeling the scrolling bottom jokes will go on for a while now. Sigh. We're looking at cable, actually. BSNL's tech service is pretty awful.

I guess the homely posts will also be darn boring. Then again, I don't mail much about work anyhow.

WishfulThinker said...

Hey, where did my comment go? Now I don't feel like commenting all over again. Gah!

M (tread softly upon) said...

Loved the way you describe placenta previa....couldn't have said it better :) But the forced stay home will give you loads of time to do all those things. That ain't so bad.
Take care of yourself.

the wannabe indian punkster said... have cooking genes?

yay! we do too!

and say hello to the baby, from me.


Strictly for my friends said...

Never noticed the marquee. it is quite cool.

Good to hear ul stay at home. you need all the rest you can get! tho ul be missed around here.

Sue said...

Wishful - Patience being the virtue of princes... or wait, was that politeness?

M - So that's what they call it when it's at home! Ah well, can't take credit, the doc-lady put it quite lucidly. I do intend to rest, my body craves sleep.

Megha-mashi - The kid flolloped around to say hello back. So far, that's all the communication it's got. As for the cooking genes, that's what I tell myself. Driving genes too. *crosses fingers and looks anxious*

Purbita - Thanks. And the marquee was done when we used to be in the other room and I had even less to do. Which explains what it says.

Sue said...

Explanatory note for Megha - "mashi" pronounced "maashi" is Bong for mum's sister/girlfriend/female whatever. Just in case that was new to you.

WishfulThinker said...

Patience ain't virtue babe. Its a pain in the butt. And I posted a long comment yesterday morning and when I checked back later at night, it wasn't there! Gaaah!!!

Sue said...

Wishful - I guess Blogger's comments are playing up again. I received the notification of your comment twice. What can I say?