Friday, May 12, 2006


Will somebody buy me Blankets for my birthday? Please?

My first thought, on being informed that I was officially 'banished' from #427 was, man, now how will I ever get to read K's books?

The brother-in-law has a nice collection and I had only got my teeth sunk into the (metaphorical) steam rising off the top of the frothy (metaphorical) foam over the (metaphorical) coffee that is his library.

And that tells you where my priorities lie.


WishfulThinker said...

What, this wasn't included in your trousseau? (Sorry babe, but this I just couldn't resist. I tried really hard though.) *walking away with smug grin and shoulders shaking with suppressed laughter*

Sue said...

Wishful - No, hardly anybody gave me any books. People who knew me fairly well, a couple of them, gave me cookbooks (I can't cook to save my life) but nobody gave me books.

Instead of sniggering you should go out and buy me something right now. Like Blankets. I'll send you my address. Better still, I'll collect in person in a few months. Huh?

Grafxgurl said...

that sounds like an incredible book!

have you read "They came to stay"?
im reading it right now. its SO sweet!!

im a voracious bookworm too....ive devoured my mom's library of 4200 books. well.. lol over the course of years really.. but now that im feels good to read them again......are you a book hugger? lol.i am.

jhantu said...

i already hv blankets.. Heee Hee..
and thn i snigger ala wishful

Sue said...

Grafx - Nope. Who's it by? When Ma gets here next week we intend to fight it out over which books I get to take away from the family library and which ones my parents refuse to part with. I'm hoping the idea of a grandchild makes her more mellow *evil grin*

Jhantu - I repeat what I said to Wishful. Send me the word and I'll send you my address.