Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday, Post 2

It's been such a comfortable sort of day thus far. My eyes are still troubling me and the headache's a killer -- but my clothes have been good to me. I appropriated this pair of claret-coloured pajamas form V's wardrobe this morning, and they are so much more forgiving of the bulge than my horrible jeans. I am on the point of swearing off jeans for a lifetime.

These pjs, on the other hand, are comfy, cool and have a drawstring waist, so they are as comfortable as I can get while actually wearing something, I'd say. So V, guess what's not coming back to you?

For those (mostly male?) readers who are on the point of objecting, I'd like to point out that it was I who made him buy the pajamas, so they're sort of morally mine anyway. Besides, I'm the government. V's the boy in the back-room. I can nationalise whatever's best in the interests of governing our little kingdom. In this case, my bodily comfort, a direct link to my peace of mind, which is the direct cause of peace and harmony in our world.

Check out this pic -- one of my favourites.

On a different note, commiserate with li'l ol' Sue. Red ants invaded the bed this morning and I was bitten all over. Not a pleasant way to wake up at all. I felt perfectly justified in poking the husband awake and making him put soothing stuff all over my back. Why should he sleep while I get bitten?


WishfulThinker said...

Dude!!! As it is we guys have next to no clothes when compared to the fairer sex and on top of this you want to steal your pooe hubbys's PJ's??? Cruel, cruel!!! And no, NO, NOOOOOOO, just because you helped choose them doesn't give you a 'moral' right over them!!!! See, this is a fundamental difference between the sexes. Men don't think about moral property rights when it comes to clothes. Men don't make such sinous ties with clothes dude!!!! But I have to admit, it was a good one, this 'moral' thingummy!! *makes mental note to use it on some poor unsuspecting female friend real soon* And very sweet pics I say! Short hair becomes you. *referring to id pic* *walking away scratching head about 'morality' of clothes ownership and how to twist it to personal advantage* :D (apologies for this greedily long comment!)

Jasmeen said...

hi sue!

thanks for writing to us.

sure there is lots to be done.

there have been responses from calcutta, few individuals have written in and asked what they can do from there..

would you like to organise a meet up amd take it from there?

its wonderful to knw that youre from the performance background...its really perfect!

looking forward to your mail/ message...

be well

Sue said...

Wishful - The 'poor' husband has more clothes than I do, and mostly more expensive. And I have whatever right I choose over them, you missed the part where I said I was the govt. and may nationalise things in my interest.

You can comment as long as you like, given that you say nice things about my pics :-D

indianpeppone said...

Shit...the 'Home Ministry' is tough.... lucky me... Special Economic and emotional freezone is the way to go

Sue said...

Peppone - Being under the Home Ministry has its advantages, believe you me ;-)

indianpeppone said...

Dont kow abt that..... u r having fun being the home ministry.... I know of lotttsssss of guys who shifted from the freezone and now desperately trying to get back in...but..home ministry ke haath bahut lambe hote hain..:-)