Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday, Post 1

Lots to write about today. Take yesterday evening, for instance. I was walking home from work, strolling up the Dhakuria Bridge and not paying anything any particular attention when it struck me that a peculiar, scraping pair of footsteps was marching along to mine, even slowing down when I did. So I stopped and looked around me in a vague sort of way. Saw the steps belonged to a ruffianly-looking runt in pink. Now I have often observed that the mere fact that I'm wearing a skirt (as opposed to say a pair of trousers) often gives folks the idea that I may be followed, because, don't you know, wearers of skirts are more gentle, feminine, easier to intimidate. Patricularly if the skirt shows more than your toes -- and mine showed the backs of my knees!

Anyway, it was 7 in the evening, the bridge was crowded and I felt a little naughty. The runt had obviously been carried ahead, but then he stopped some yeards in front of me, to let me get back in front. Let the creep work a bit for his pleasure, I thought. I had just reached the top of the bridge, too. The thing is, anybody watching me ambling along like I do these days will rarely grasp just how fast I can walk when I want to. I may never have been a brilliant speed-walker, but I can outpace the average pedestrian.

So the fun began. I suddenly took off, and man it felt good to be walking so fast again. Reached home in a record three minutes. I had heard the footsteps quicken on the bridge, but lost them entirely by the time I reached the road. The runt was obviously nowhere to be seen by the time I turned into my block. Cool. But it got me thinking, what about when I can't walk so fast? Hopefully by then Ally will be in Cal.

More later. While you're waiting, ruminate over this. Where were you when self-esteem was being handed out, sister? I do not judge women giving in to violence, but justifying it, and to this extent, is just plain pathetic.


Inkblot said...

like your style, skirts and all..

indianpeppone said...

In that case, i will also b there on the bridge tomorrow.... in my Nike's..... u wont stand a chance....but do wear a skirt plzzz!!

Sue said...

Inkblot - Thank you

Peppone - Since you're coming down from Dubai can I send you a shopping list please?