Monday, April 03, 2006

Sniffily Yours

No blog today because I have picked up a cold and had a bad headache all day. The star of the show was a runny nose, and of course I forgot my hanky!

Can't wait to get back home. Have been staying with my mum since yesterday and will be there till tomorrow morning when she leaves. I really needed the spoiling.

See you later, alligator.

P.S. Oh, I nearly forgot, keep meaning to ask you guys -- take a minute and feed this cute mutt. His 'owner' never remembers and I feel awful about it. Some people oughtn't be allowed to have pets!

Writing on Tuesday morning:

Last night I thought, what colour ought to best describe my nose after I'd been sniffling all day?
Runny Pink, of course!

Good morning World, I'm back!


indianpeppone said...

Glad u have a cold..... i was feelig isolated that i am the only one blogging abt my cold.... Enjoyyyy :-)

vicky said...

wonder how many got that "joke"!

Sue said...

Peppone - You're every bit as mean as your namesake. I shall have to go ask God if I mayn't do something nasty to you. Soon.

Vicky - No quotes about it, it was funny. And if nothing else, it proves my father's genes do run in me after all. (If you were having doubts on that score.) Go feed Kochu!

Patient Portnoy said...

Hey there, sorry about the tag. But will take it up soon. At least before my next post, I promise

hmmmmm... nice private couple joking goin on here, I can se :-)

Sue said...

Port - Was wondering where you'd gone. Nothing private about the joking though. Vicky was the first person who I hit with the runny pink PJ and he's a little sore. Normally PJs are more his thing than mine. Did you feed the dog?

indianpeppone said...

Peppone is not mean...... he is the only sane one in the whole bloody series...other than jc of course

Sue said...

Peppone - He's about as sane as DC you know. And that's saying nothing at all! Incidentally, have you been here?