Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Of Slavery and Curses

Ok, those of you who've been anxiously asking me how I'm coping with such a workload -- hang on, nobody did that! Well, anyway, I'm doing not too badly so yah phooie to you all.

Been a very busy week so far, I must say. What with putting the flat into (some kind of) order, going to a wedding last evening -- the dressing alone took me half an hour, what with having to do my hair and stuff, always a long task :-( -- attending to repairmen and servicemen, not to mention giving the best part of each day to our employers. The funny thing is, now that the Goa show date is approaching (27th, next Thursday that is) I seem to be swamped under work at office too. Ain't fair. All of last month I didn't have much to do on either front. And there's the flat crying out for attention. Still have to settle things like newspaper delivery, laundry pickup etc. Anyway, I have reminded myself that I'm not the houseproud type and never was, so it don't matter if my living-room looks like nothing so much as a refugee camp without the comforts. But V says I exaggerate and who knows, you all might agree with him... you usually do!

Anyway, although there's trouble on the homefront and everything, I do like having my own place once more. It's fun having my own kitchen (I got my first ever gas cylinder, on my own connection I mean, this morning!) And it's really nice having V spoil me with things like the morning coffee. Then again, I strongly suspect he does that because he doesn't trust me with the electric kettle. That's what comes out of marrying a control freak. I understand his feelings, being one myself, but I still resent it.

A lot of you must be getting rather bored with this wealth of domestic detail but this blog is also about the Days of Sunayana Roy. Look at the header if you don't believe me. And may your disbelieving souls shrivel and blacken in the years to come. Speaking of curses, my brother was hit with a really funny one last week, although he doesn't know of it. Mum-in-law, particularly exasperated by daughter-in-law from hell (yours truly bows deep) hoped that my brother married a girl like me, then we'd know what it was like. I was tempted to tell her, that would be more of a relief than anything else. Not because I'm particularly virtuous, but because to my family I'm a known evil -- as compared to the unknown evil my mother's resigned to my brother marrying. And if you think that shows my mum in a poor light, folks, you never met my brother.

Anyway, got to get back to work, some of us have to slave for a living you know.


indianpeppone said...

U have a flair for exaggeration that even i cant match.... *bowing head in defeat*

Anonymous said...

gawd how I hate giving the better part of my day to my employers too. damn the conspiracy of money.

- milehigh.

WishfulThinker said...

Sounds like you have quite a full life I say! And that comment of your in-laws had me laughing dude! :D

Sue said...

Peppone - You have met your master, my boy. I would have liked to say mistress, cos of the feminism thing, but won't, for obvious reasons.

Milehigh - You're right, it's a conspiracy. There must be a way we can get paid for doing only what we feel like doing that particualr day, all day.

Wishful - Yes, it's a shade fuller than I like. But the play will be over next week, and then I can concentrate more on the other stuff.

Sourav Ghosh said...

"Work is worship"
"Work is worship"
"Work is worship"


Sue said...

Sourav - Work is worship only if
1) You can do it whenever and only as long as you like

2) You do it from home.

Given such a scenario I'd work much more. And probably with less grumbling. Till that day arrives, I'll keep up the whining. :-)