Monday, April 17, 2006

Moving House

As mentioned before, spent the weekend moving. Always suspected but didn't really know how much stuff V and I possess, between us. And every single time I've moved (more than most people know) I really regret buying all my beloved books. This time around, there were V's as well. Only, his library is a little smaller than mine, thank god.

So many things to think of, when you're setting up a household from scratch. Last time around, i.e. when I moved down to Cal to study at JU six years ago, Ma pretty much did it all for me, with inputs from Mejopishi (the aunt I lived next door to). This time around, it's all me. Wouldn't be such a big deal if I only had myself to think of, but there's V as well and the poor man has been working his hands off all weekend.

Which brings me to something I thought a lot about this weekend. Things at the in-laws being what they are, and people generally being as stubborn as they are, the move was not easy. And it was all quite upsetting. But if I had to choose between a great husband and perfect in-laws I'd still go for the man I married. For so long now I've boasted of his handyman qualities, and the last two days he completely proved his worth. For some silly reason I wasn't well over the weekend, so I wasn't really of much help where the actual shifting was concerned. So you can say he did it all himself. And the reason I'm proud of him is that, unlike me, he really has no experience.

Anyway, enough of the fond blather. What I have been up to:

Friday: Met the guy who's to put up curtain rods etc. at the new flat. Afterwards, took the Metro down to Esplanade where I had a pleasant breakfast of alu paratha at the Chowringhee Hotel. Old gent who seemed to be one of those Anglophile relics you still see sometimes kept me company. Went down to Chandni to look for pedestal fans (we have a mezzanine bedroom with a very low ceiling) afterwards. Pat had told me that Princep Street (off Chandni) has a great variety, so I went hunting. Obviously, no 2 people seemed to think it lay in the same direction. Wandering around (luckily it was a cloudy sort of day) I found myself at Hind, then got bored and took the next little lane which seemed to have millions of fan shops and fan repairing shops. No prizes for guessing what lay around the corner... yes, the Princep Street post office. Sigh... Called V out to come and help me buy fans, since his office and lunch break were both near. Thank god I did, because he instantly negated both the fans I'd chosen as being not powerful enough :-)

That done, we arranged for the fans to be delivered and went down to Kamalalaya building for the microwave and washing machine. That took a little less time, and eventually we ambled down to Sudder Street for lunch at Blue Sky Cafe (also known as Cafe Blue Ciel, to my perennial amusement). V's lunch 'hour' eventually became more like three-and-a-half. I went home and later caught the latest JUDE production of Beckett's Dramaticules at Southern Avenue in the evening. V, poor man, rushed home in the evening to collect delivery of all the stuff we had bought.

Saturday: Moved some stuff in the afternoon, from Jodhpur Park (in-laws' place) to Selimpur (new place). Dr.D came over with his car and helped. Lunch and dinner outside because of situdation at J'pur Park. V cleaned up the bedroom while I pottered around downstairs. Washed the window grills too. Do I work him too hard? Was tempted to point out dirty bits he'd skipped but thought my life wasn't worth it.

Went shopping for groceries etc. later. Bought masses. V seems to think that households can be stocked at a few hundreds, poor deluded soul. It's a good thing we were given so much cash as wedding gifts, it does give us a bit of a buffer. So we're spending our entire salaries this month, from what I can make out.

Sunday: Woke up at unearthly hour to pack. V smartly dismantled the bed before I could snuggle back in and abandon the packing. Movers came in the morning. For some reason, the three-wheeled cycle-cart contraption is known as a cycle van here in Cal. They carried our stuff in that. Scratches resulted, but nothing very upsetting. Moving took a while, and I was of no use, what with feeling ill and stuff. I blame the child, and shall bring it up to do household work from age 8 as revenge. Went back to J'pur Park for lunch. Atmosphere still strained and I was foolish enough to 'serve' V at lunchtime. My mother's right maybe, I'll never learn discretion.

Plenty of small stuff left to be moved in the afternoon and V's friend J was supposed to help us, but he vanished. It was too late to get a cab so I finally asked M'pishi if we could borrow her car. She said yes and it really helped. Accordingly, have decided to forgive (and forget) this time last year when she kicked me out my flat. Moreover, she fed us once we had finished, and her meals are always satisfying. Afterwards I slept there for a couple of hours while V went to fix up the bed and do other sundry things around the flat. He came back to the pishi's for dinner, which we shared with cousin Jimm, the pishi and pishemshai having gone to see Konkona's latest movie.

Why do I add so much detail? Because I want to remember these days. The good bits at least.

And for those who asked, we are now to be found at

Ground Floor,
[number removed] Selimpur Road
Calcutta 700 031.

(If you read this post a couple of hours ago you'd have seen "Calcutta 700 0something". I have changed it since because when I went to book the gas connection during my lunch-hour the man kindly told me what post code I live in now.)

Phone numbers remain unchanged. Those who want to drop in, take the lane next to Carmel school and follow it where it curves left. Walk down a bit and you'll find us on your left. Look out for the rusty balcony from whence emanates the sounds of jazz. Occasionally, when I get to control the iPod we listen to other stuff, but V is a larger being than I, and also, he can look much more pleading than I can, so I hardly ever get to be DJ.


indianpeppone said...

Let him enjoy his Jazz at least.... I envy him not!!

When is the gruha prevesham???? or is it over??? or u guys dont have such a rite???

Sue said...

We don't have that when it's not our 'own' home. It's only a rented flat, you know.

And he has a nice life... he's not pregnant, is he?

hutumthumo said...

enjoy the new place!

Ankit said...

Moving to some new place is hell lot of a task i guess.
U scared me ...... mujhe bhi kuch dinon ke baad move karna hai. God knows how the hell i"ll do it without the support of my sis n mom

Sourav Ghosh said...

Just a piece of advice Sue, refrain from disclosing personal details like address on a blog.This is from my personal bitter experience.You never know.

Sue said...

Hutumthumo - Thanks. We had our first guests yesterday, too. A couple of V's pals dropped in.

Ankit - It's ok, just a lot of things to remeber. Helps if you make yourself a checklist.

Sourav - You're right, of course. Guess I'll take it off.