Monday, April 10, 2006

Moving and Sleeping

Back after a long weekend. Had a bit of a fever Friday morning so I excused myself from work and slept the whole day at Moore Avenue (the Roy family joint, where Ma camps out). Was supposed to be packing the stuff I wanted to take from there, which I eventually did in the evening. But I slept all day, and man did I need it! Later in the evening I went shopping for fans. Also located my old movers and booked them for the next day. Inbetween, spent a lovely half-hour at the Uni. People who knock JU are daft.

Saturday was moving day. V and I went down to the flat bright and early, because the electrician was coming to fix the fans and lights and stuff. We had a picnic breakfast of hinger kochuri/ alur dum and hot jilipis over there. Afterwards, I went off with (V's bud) Dr.D and the movers to get the stuff from Moore Avenue. V, having finished with the electricians, joined us there. The entire operation did not take more than an hour, which is a nice thought. I'm getting good at this! We meant to do more in the afternoon, such as sort out the stuff that has been dumped in the new flat, maybe even carry over some more stuff (from the sasurbari, that is) but it was too hot, so we slept instead. I went to Goa rehearsals in the evening and had a lot of fun. I guess we're a nice bunch, this cast'n'crew. Anupam bought me some jhaalmuri, so I forgive him for exclaiming "It's a Mom!" everytime he sees me...

Came home tuckered out, but rather happy for a change. Nice if you can get it.

Sunday was even quieter, actually. We signed the tenancy papers at last, although we didn't get any further with the moving.

Quiet afternoon. Watched Joy Baba Felunath and slept some afterwards. Rather, V slept and I read Anansi Boys. In the evening V and I went to a concert at Madhusudhan Mancha. It was a 6-hour, Hindustani music affair, organised to commemorate the late Kanai Dutt, our new landlady's husband, who used to be a fairly famous tabla player, I understand. Is this him? Anyway, we were there for an hour and it was rather good. A lady sang chaitis from Benaras, and she was one of those fun singers whose enthusiasm for their music is infectious. Wish I knew her name. After that, V and I picked up mutton biriyani and kebabs from Golpark and went over to Dr.D's place for dinner. Incidentally, I do not recommend the Golpark Bawarchi. The service was bad there five years ago, which is why I'd stopped going there, and it wasn't much better yesterday. Food's good, but at that price I expect far superior service. Nor do I think it's unreasonable of me to do so.

It may not have been the more exciting weekend, but I did need the rest. Those of you who mailed/ commented and wondered why I wasn't responding, now you know.

Note: If you've noticed, what with the movie and then the music, Sunday had a distinctly Benarasi flavour.

P.S. Anansi Boys brought back memories of reading African folktales as a kid. My cousin had an enormous collection, each of the books being devoted to a particular country or region, all called Folktales from ... Anybody know what I'm talking about?


indianpeppone said...

No idea abt folktales of......

But this post of urs reminded me of Enid Blytons stories..... food, :-)

Sue said...

Peppone - I get that a lot. Apparently I hardly ever write without mentioning food. Also, it's apparently an old habit of mine. Check out this link.