Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's Saturday!

Oh man... I feel all tingly-happy just because my favourite comic characters finally sorted stuff out. Oh yes, and the cute couple got together, what does that tell you about me?

Oh, all right, yes, I was one of those going all teary-eyed and mushy inside when Ross and Rachel went to the planetarium for their date. So what? I'm a sucker at heart. Now you know.

Made me remember some really nice stuff. Crazy things V and I did together last year and before that. I admit we fought like crazy the six months before the marriage (when I moved out of Cal, for those who just came in) but something must've been going right else I wouldn't have run up to Cal about fifty billion times in six months just to make sure he was still him and not mutating into some horrible non-V monster.

For some reason, I spent a long time thinking about the time we ran away, the two of us. It proved a couple of things:

1) I rock at planning holidays, just like I rock at planning.
2) There is something so magical about the mixed grill breakfast at Kev's that I just have to fry up a mixed grill of my own tomorrow morning, even if I actually have to wake up tomorrow morning and go shopping to do that.
3) That I love drizzly weather even though it makes my knee problem play up so badly that I can't do much beyond lying in bed moaning in pain. I can still watch the rain through the windows.
4) That V and me both feel a lot happier about life if we sleep in the same bed, even if we are not on talking terms which we are not roughly 2.31 nights a week on average.

See what I mean? This mood's dangerous. I just caught myself in time else I would have gone on further and told you lot more about the way we ran away and the excuses we came up with to explain the absence and stuff like that. Which you don't need to know, not that is unless you're planning an escapade of your own in which case feel free to comment/mail and ask for advice.

We just had the company Open House session where all employees and bosses get together and update each other and (are supposed to, at least) air all grouses. We were told where we are heading with our new software and afterwards, there was grub from Kathleen. All quite interesting, not to mention satisfying. After work, I'm off to Tolly Club to see Tim Supple's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Mejokhurima (Cousin T's mum) was raving about my mother's planner book used for my wedding. M'khurima helped out at a wedding recently and she was comparing my mum's superhuman organization skills with the chaos at this other wedding. What can I say? When Dana said the same thing while helping out at my wedding I told her, "It's the Mother of Sunny... and we all know what Sunny herself is like!"

But speaking of organised people, I really ought to let my ranking go on that one. I've noticed (and had it pointed out) I'm no longer as finicky and on the spot as I used to be, for better or for worse as the case may be. Dunno, guess the baby's really mellowing sour ol' me.

And ok, since I won't be blogging till Monday, here's Aunty Sue's advice for you all out there: when you decide to marry/settle down in whatever way, ensure you do so with a person who owns (and knows how to use) a Swiss army knife. It's a vital adjunct of every household. I might crab about my father drilling holes into walls and putting up goofy electrical wire everywhere but I'm not denying it's useful to have somebody around who actually knows how to use a hammer and more. Now you all know why I married V-the-monster.


jhantu said...

Auntie Sue is this an advice for the male/females of the species. Cos if im a male then id be very nervous getting married to a swiss knife welding lady. Everytime a fight would start id be reminded of what happened to poor old bobbit the last time he fought with his wife.


Grafxgurl said...

i LOVE drizzly weather too!!

SO romantic! *sigh*

WishfulThinker said...

I will take your advice and only marry someone who owns and knows how to use a swiss army knife. :D

that girl in pink said...

he he! before we got married i gifted my husband a swiss knife. and yeah, in case of very bad behaviour, i know how to use it too!

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Jhantu - As you can see, a Swiss army knife is also a powerful incentive to prevent marital discord.

Grafxgurl - Drizzly rain in a place like Vizag. Where you can watch it rain on the sea while you're surrounded by the hills. Makes me feel homesick, that thought.

Wishful - Trust me on this one, kid. Also inquire about proficiency with spanner, hammer, wrench and fuses. V impressed me early on by mending my cassette player. I still couldn't use the eject button but by pulling a thread he tied to something, I could get my cassettes out. Good enough for me!

Pink - It saddens me to hear you all harp on how to use a Swiss army knife to damage yr partner. I did believe I was the only woman around with such homicidal tendencies. But as you might have read a couple of posts ago, I look to my Eversharp knives, not the small Swiss one.