Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Worked Today!

After all these days of slacking, us copywriters had our noses put to the grindstone yesterday and it's only now that I took it off, bruised and sore. What I mean to say is, we actually had to work. Such is the state of affairs, that I actually felt a little indignant when we were told that we would be given some work yesterday... One wonders why my employers continue to employ me.

That apart, I'm eating like a pig. Something about being pregnant makes you fearfully hungry most of the time. I've devoured kosha chicken with parathas, chocolate pudding, cheese tomato sandwiches, potato fries and gumballs all of today, and I'm still feeling more than a little peckish as I type. Sigh... I guess my waist is now well and truly relegated to memories of my youth.

I'm also feeling dreadfully broke, considering I have to pick up clothes from the tailor as well as the laundry and can do neither till I motivate myself to hop down to the ATM. I know, it's only a few minutes from where I live, but by the time I walk home, those few minutes seem like forever. Nevertheless, I deposited my first salary check (from this company I mean) the other day (well, V did, but it's the same thing) and therefore I cannot actually be broke. So, there remains only to motivate me...

Nearly time to go now, so more later maybe. Shifting furniture and stuff from Moore Avenue to our new rented place this weekend, so hard work ahead. Any volunteers?


WishfulThinker said...

If you're not buying clothes, you're picking them up from the tailor. *sigh* LOL! :D

Rimi said...

Me on shopping spree too. There's a 50% off thingy at the Ice Skating Rink: picked up two lovely shirts there. And also a couple of stupid tops which don't look nice on me. Will try to pass 'em on/bully Gokul people into exchanging them. Now there's just New Market left to ravage.

In other news, I've just won't be working for Call-Cutta, will you, you deserter, what with the li'l bundle 'o joy just about getting ready for it's cue then?

Deserter! Which also translates as, 'No Volunteers!'

Anonymous said...

Try out Kosha Mangsho in Shyambazar's "Golbari". Its divine.

Rohini said...

Watch out - the voracious appetite will only get worse. Have you started waking up starving in the middle of the night yet? Husbands are useful food-fetchers at this point. Also a good source of clothes - nothing as comfortable as their roomy pajamas and t-shirts as you get bigger

Beq said...

Hey, got some haikus for you. Like em like em...or you'll keep feeling hungry AND broke

Beq said...

By the way...turn me on is Norah Jones at her very worst. Supremely wannabe...listen to Billie Holiday or Mary West or goold ol Aretha THAT'S the ticket!

Sue said...

Wishful - You're just jealous, huh.

Rimi - Ma called y'day to say 'Baba had bought' me 2 new skirts. Last time my dad bought me anything by himself was when a female colleague of his chose it for him. 'Nuff said. Wish they'd let me shop for the kid though, that's even more fun.

And I wouldn't count me out of CC yet. Depends on how I'll be doing, that's all.

Anon - Directions please. Am willing to go far for food.

Rohini - I've already raided V's wardrobe :-D His kurta pajamas fit me better than my silly churidars, so hurrah for male attire! But each time I've woken up hungry in the middle of the night I've been sleepily but firmly told to go right back to sleep. The man deserves to lose his clothes!

Beq - I remember your flirtation with la Jones, so don't give me the 'wannabe' line. Will read those haikus.