Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Full Of Grace

Been resisting the urge to blog all day. But it's funny how quickly the day passed, all the same. When I woke up this morning I didn't want to get out of bed. That might have been because the alarm went off at 5 a.m. If you remember, I was staying with my mum, and she had a plane to catch early this morning. So early in the morning I did the long haul to Dum Dum. I went in, thinking to get me some coffee and use the loo, but the damn shops weren't open. Silly airport. It's the only one of all the internationals (in India) that won't let you come out once you've checked in. I don't get the logic of that. If you've reached the airport, sent in your luggage, isn't it in your best interests to make sure you don't miss the flight? And come on, we're in the domestic terminus, who's going to want to kidnap the average domestic passenger? Ransom just isn't an option for most of us.

Anyway, went home (to the marital thingummy I mean) afterwards, since the office wouldn't be open so early. Got half an hour to return the bedroom to something approaching normalcy – really necessary considering that V had been allowed to run riot for two days straight. It did not surprise me to find clothes badly mangled from being sat down on. I mean, we are talking about the man who took out the front stack of shirts just so that he could get at the beautiful pale yellow shirt I had carefully hidden away for important occasions at the bottom of the stack at the back. I wonder why I bother. Let him wear every nice thing to shreds and go around in a couple of months like he hasn't had new clothes since the nineties. Men!!! And when I say Men!!! like that, I usually refer to my husband who needs a spanking and my father who tried to sneak through my wedding in a torn shirt and my brother who likes to wear his new clothes now so that they are unwearable by the time the occasion for which they were bought turns up.

Ok, done ranting.

Day's not been too bad actually. Indianpeppone reminded me of one of my favourite authors and I spent a little while checking out a Don Camillo Windows theme. My cold's as bad as ever but today I came armed with a hanky as well as tissues. So there, you nasty little cold bugs. (Yesterday they had me where it hurts. I had a woefully runny nose all day and had forgotten my hanky. Spent all day running to the Ladies'. It all eventually led to the nose joke.)

Incidentally, if anybody wishes for translations of Guareschi's work, I think you can get some here. Site's a little slow though.

Blogging has spread in my little community. My copywriting colleagues are turning to it, and you can read their efforts here, here, here and here. I don't know how long they'll keep it up but it's nice not to feel so furtive/guilty about blogging from work.

Coffee time now, so more in a while, crocodile.


indianpeppone said...

U r mean...never thought u would take revenge on me like this. U gave that link and now i am reading and rereading all the works on that link....and not getting any bloody thing done in the office. But...thanks....

WishfulThinker said...

Men just like to wear what they like to wear man!! And its always the women (read mums and grandmums) who insist on shopping for events like about a half a year before they actually materialise!! And then they get on our cases if we wear the new clothes much before we are supposed to! Women gotta understand that men somehow dont have this 'connection' (for lack of a better word) to clothes that women seem to revel in! A guy's gotta wear whats he's gotyta wear, you know? :D I'll stop now! :D

Sue said...

Peppone - Rrrrevenge is swwweet my friend.

Wishful - I take back my threat to take you shopping. What I cannot understand is why you men have to wear every damn new thing now. V was given half a dozen new things to wear anyway, so why pull out the one colour that's impossible to launder and which I was saving for formal occasions? Now, when I say Men!!! I shall probably add you to the list too.