Thursday, March 16, 2006

Obviously, It's Just Not Cricket

It's a Thursday, which puts the weekend only two days off. I have to work this Saturday, but things at home being what they are, I ain't complainin', bud.

People are so crazy about cricket. I don't get it. So it's a bunch of guys footling around with a painful little ball. One thwacks it all over the stadium and the others rush to catch it like their lives depended on it. Which they probably do, considering they are trying to make a living out of playing the game. It's never had any fascination for me, except when I played it myself, briefly. And that was because I was playing it, not because I found it particularly exciting. I found all the games I played fascinating while I played them. So what? Volleyball is much more testing of physical fitness and endurance any day. So is table-tennis. So I should imagine is a good, paced gamed of badminton. But do they go wild over these sports? Hell no. And cricket isn't even as good to watch as ice-skating or swimming. You sit there trying not to look bored and wondering if it's too soon to have yet another sandwich, and no sooner than you decide that it's not, and bend down to get at the hamper, somebody loses a wicket, which was the whole point of the game and which you have now missed. Mind you, all this talk of batting styles is so much wrapping paper, designed to take your attention away from the fact that it's just a man swatting at a ball with a wedge of wood really.

If one were to probe into the murky waters beneath one would probably discover a worldwide conspiracy designed to promote it at the expense of any other sport. Like my father maintains the alcohol lobby runs a 24/7 campaign against the ganja lobby because if only we were allowed to choose, any sane person would choose the weed that gives a cleaner, healthier high over the additive-ridden, unhealthy exhilaration induced by liquor. Of course, that doesn't stop my father from having the best-stocked bar I personally know... In any case, I do not believe that liquor would be unable to take the impact if ganja were legalised. I mean, my husband would probably keep them in business single-handedly and justify it on the principles of a free market. Likewise, I imagine that if more attention were to be paid to other sports, I don't think cricket would suffer any lasting injury as a game. I'm all for competition. Especially if it brings down prices. And makes grass available at pan shops.


Patient Portnoy said...

Hi, just happened to pass by

Same line of thinking as far as cricket goes, and great last lines...

Lancelot said...

hey no way... cricket rox!!! so do a lot of other sports i agree... err yes quite a good point that... next time lets get the PM candi to promise to legalise G to see which one wins :D
and thanx for dropping by after a long time. Do come back