Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Joined the Rat Race, I Have

Blogging from work today. Yes, I know it's unethical, but what the hell. I have a few minutes.

So, I'm a copywriter at eTrendsetters.com. It's a pleasant place actually, don't think I could have asked for a nicer 'first' office. Fairly friendly colleagues and not too many things to hassle one. pay's good too. Which reminds me, I filled in the form for my Provident Fund today -- what a very grown up thing to do! I made V my beneficiary... given that I'm his, for his life insurance, I figure we both stand to make a lot of money if we kill each other in say, a decade's time. And we can enjoy it before we go too, if we run up huge credit card bills, for example, which can be paid from these two sources. Interesting thought, that.

Cons: I can't laze off on holidays any more. Have to wait for leave. Have to sit in an office all day. Have to wake up mornings. All my work is postponed for fortnights at a time since I work alternate Saturdays. Am having to learn HTML.

But then, it's nice to have a job. And the money that comes with it. And the pride, there's that too.

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