Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Game of Tag

I like lists – so here are two.

10 Things I Will Have Done by Thirty (in order of absolutely sure to I hope they'll happen)

10. Had two kids (horrors!)
9. Grown my hair long (and probably chopped it darn short all over again)
8. Either got used to V or killed him in a fit of homicidal mania.
7. Attended my coz Tua's marriage with a bag full of diapers (her recurrent nightmare)
6. Become an awesome cook.
5. Learnt to drive. (Keep those fingers crossed.)
4. Sat for my French diplome.
3. Moved out of Cal.
2. Learnt to live with Ma-in-law (and her with me). Ditto Baba, my own I mean.
1. Changed my cellphone to a smaller model.

10 Things I Miss in My Life Right Now (in no particular order)

- B and E, my two sources of support
- Grass (the kid better be worth giving it up for good)
- The badam milk you get in glass bottles in Vizag
- Vizag. Its beaches, evenings and hills
- My waist
- My old kitchen. Been missing it for such a long time now. Could help myself to whatever grub without asking somebody for permission or needing to consider somebody else might wish to have some of it. Yes, I am just that selfish.
- Equilibrium. I seem to be a mass of rather emotional hormones.
- My books. Nobody, but nobody and that includes my mum who usually gets what I need, understands how lost I feel without them or how upsetting it is for me to see them rotting away in a house far from me. In a fit of pettiness I threw some of V's down today, from the shelf. Why should I care for his when he couldn't care less for mine?
- My sense of humour. Once famous in my circle as my only redeeming feature... where does that leave me now? :-)

Oh, and because I've never done it before, I'm tagging 5 people. Check your respective comments section. You can do either or both lists.





Sourav Ghosh said...

What about the probability of continuing this blog 10 years down the lane :-) High or low?

Sue said...

High, I'd think. I still hang on to my first ever email id, which is eight years old now.

the mad momma said...

damn.. you've almost done most of them!