Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Doing Unto Those Others (As I Hope They'll Do Unto Me)

In light of this morning's events and because I essentially believe in a code of fairness... I will (a little unwillingly) document what happened this morning.

Last evening, let me state, was no better than the last one week. I was still ignored, two sons and her husband was called to dinner by Ma-in-law while my presence went unnoticed. (And V wants to know why I cry. Again, in all fairness, he's a fool.) The usual ignoring went on till I went to bed at night.

And I woke up this morning and didn't want to face yet another day of being unnoticed. I'm not keeping all that well and I would like at least the man responsible for it to notice. To occasionally do something about it without being asked. I know, he's a fool but even fools can be less self-centred.

Where was I? Oh yes, this morning. Miserable. For some reason though the crying jag only started half an hour before we were both due to leave for work. And for some still less fathomable reason I cried myself into hysterics and couldn't breathe. V, obviously, decided the best way to deal with it was to yell at me and leave, cursing, for work. (Along with being a fool he's a cruel mutt. In all fairness.)

Don't get your hankies out just yet though, this is where things perk up. There I was, lying in bed, trying to breathe any old way I could, when Ma-in-law popped in, shook me around a bit (this family doesn't know its own strength!) and bawled at me (nor the default value of their voices) asking what was wrong. Since I couldn't talk I muttered weakly that I was fine. And she left. But she had talked directly to me, note. Five minutes later, she was back, offering me a different breakfast in case I couldn't face the daily bhaat-dal. She even asked me what the doctor had said. Finally a sign of interest in the baby. From the dining-room came the voice of Baba-in-law asking if I could do with some tea.

I did eventually get up and have my bhaat-dal. Left for work actually telling Ma-in-law I was off. And Baba-in-law insisted on me taking the car. Even though it meant he'd be a little late to work himself. And told me to ensure I got home early since I wasn't well.

So, you see, they aren't monsters after all. V is.

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