Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Warning! This is women stuff, so men read at your own peril.

Came across this link from Desi Chicklit's site which listed what every woman should have, want, need blah. How do I rate?

1. I have an old love I can imagine returning to (not that I want to. His wife wouldn't like it, not to mention V the Dad-to-be lol). And V always reminds me how far I've come – which is never far enough somehow.

2. I finally do have enough money within my control to move out and rent a place of my own.

3. I have a whole new wardrobe, none of which will fit me in a few month's time. But for now, yes I do have something perfect to wear.

4. I have left my youth behind and was perfectly content to do so. One does outgrow it, rather.

5. And yes, my past is juicy enough to enthrall all kinds of descendants. No, you're not one of them and I'm not telling you about it.

6. I don't have a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill or a black lace bra, but I used to have all three and intend to replace the ones I no longer own. In the meantime I have black lace panties!

7. B always makes me laugh and E always lets me cry, so there's that as well.

8. I have two steel wardrobes not owned by anybody else except me, ever. Not exactly high in the aesthetic department, but they are pretty useful.

9. I have the crockery and the glassware and the recipes to be the perfect hostess, should I feel the inclination.

10. Ok, I admit I don't feel in control over my destination. You try having a baby and see how helpless it makes you feel!

11. I do know how to fall in love without losing myself. I think. Just that I've never actually tried practising it. I think.

12. Oh yes, I know how to quit a job, leave a man, confront a friend (without ruining the relationship, thanks). Not too good at walking away but I'm practising.

13. Well, I don't want to change the length of my legs. And I know my hips are stubborn about their shape. And I gave up on my parents a long time ago.

14. I had a pretty decent childhood really. But I don't mind its being over.

15. Well, by now I've worked out what I would or would not do for love (or more) and it's pretty scary. I try not to think of it.

16. I sure do know how to live alone. And no, I don't like it.

17. Not very sure whom I can trust and whom not to. Try to take people as they come. But yes, I can't help taking it personally.

18. No, I don't always know where to go when my soul needs soothing. That's why I want a home I can find peace in.

Query: Do men know where to go when they want soothing?

19. Umm... No, I don't know what I can or cannot accomplish. Every now and then I break my previous record and surprise myself.

Well, that's how it goes. Not too bad for a 23 year-old.

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Sue said...

I miss E.