Thursday, March 16, 2006

Catch 'Em Young

Younger men, huh? My best friend (who's seeing one) told me I'm disqualified from speaking on the subject since I married a man six years older than me and never dated anyone less than thirteen months older than me. Well yah booh to you babe, I once slept with a real cutie who was several months younger than me. Ok, two months. But younger, note.

So, why not younger men? When I was in my last year of school I remember feeling a tad disconcerted because a whole lot of the cute guys I met turned out to be younger than me. The same thing happened in Uni. The difference was, it stopped bugging me. Men are men, all acceptable if they are cute and available.

And younger men have certain things in their favour. They think you know all there is to know about lots of things (and not just sex). They love the idea of being in a hot relationship with an older woman. They actually think your years are adding to your attraction. And well, they are cute. 'Scuse the repetition.

So, as I was saying, why not younger men? Well, no fun having the guy at your laundry tell you that your 'son' already picked up your clothes. And your acquaintances will bitch, which will eventually get on your nerves. And it'll not make the old folks at home happy.

But and get this, my uncle who's a research guy at some hotshot Scandinavian place (ok, I'm not sure what he is, but he knows it all, ok?) tells me it's been proven that women should have younger partners, because apparently men age faster and so, this way they age together and in such relationships – if you make it past the bitching and the feeling older-than-you-should – the man is physically able to take care of the woman when they are both in the twilight of their lives. Which as any of us can attest, is rather rare in the more conventional older man/younger woman relationship.

I'll take his word for it. He's the scientist, he knows. Unless he's in a relationship with an older woman none of us know anything about...?

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