Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Better Than The Last

Good morning, world.

Temporary if armed truce being assumed yesterday, Holi was not too bad. Woke up a grumpy V late in the morning and went off to a friend's to see what Shorty was up to. He was busy hiding at home in a clean, white t-shirt, so we hauled him out and got him nice and colourful. We played mainly with Shorty's friends-and-relations, and not for very long, but we had fun. And sweets. We had lots of sweets. There was a little boy who appeared to have taken it upon himself to ensure that all comers were drenched, in any liquid at all. Which course he followed with single-minded devotion till all the water was finished. After the fun slowed down and all sorts of little children were hauled off to baths and lunches we hopped down to A's place on Shorty's bike. Yes, I know, I actually sat threesome, and I can't say I've changed my mind about it. It's an irritating way to travel and you can't enjoy the ride.

A, predictably, does not play. But there were a few tots in front of her place who do and believe in the water-based-dyes variety of playing. One of these, a little girl with a shaven head came up to me no fewer than five times and grimly sprayed my saree all over. Was it because I smeared her all over with my parrot green powder, I wonder? Kids today are not as tractable as I like to believe we were wont to be.

We returned to Shorty's for some good coffee prior to being dropped off home for lunch. A long bath, fried rice, sex to Getz-Gilberto and a quick nap followed, after which we met up again, Shorty and A, V and me, DrD and his notun bou M. Had a nice, peaceful evening with lots of munchies, courtesy M and Shorty, so I returned home unable to do more than be rolled out of my clothes and tucked into bed by an unusually solicitous V. Nice when you can get it, is what I say.

Not a bad Holiday, all things considered. Wish Ma-in-law and her younger son would stop sulking at each other, though.

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