Monday, March 13, 2006

Battle-Scarred But Grinning Shamelessly

Passed a crazy sort of week. Unpleasantly so, I mean. With Vicky's talent for withdrawal and my gift for over-reacting, it all ended with me spending way too many uncomfortable nights on the floor. Incidentally, all the men reading this: if your wife/girlfriend/whoever decides to vacate your bed in a huff and the floor is the only alternative, be gent enough to insist that she get the bed and you the floor. Trust me, you wil be suitably rewarded when you make up. (Which V was not!) Besides, she might take pity on your misery sooner if she were to see you tossing on the cold floor from the cofort of her mattress.

But will you listen? Nossir. Being male automatically makes you all-knowing, right? Fine, let the poor girl catch a cold.

All men are idiots.

Yes, well, where were we? Oh yes, my-week-that-was. What with days of hectic projects to finish at work alternating with entire days when I had exactly nothing to do, my sleeping habits got utterly confused. On top of that there was that massive fight with Vicky into which the Ma-in-law insisted on poking her nose. The results, predictably, were not happy. She got snapped at and then got good and mad at her disrespectful offspring and his hell-born wife. The brother-in-law was an unexpected source of support, coming in occasionally and doing much to calm the good lady down. (Not me, I'm the hell-born wife.) No, but good work was put in last night by him and I shall remember it.

My parents were called up and Ma's coming to Cal on Saturday. Yippee! I shall probably be scolded, but who cares?

I have to agree with the disrespectful offspring in this, that Ma-in-law does watch too many of those damn soaps. Gets the weirdest ideas into her already melodramatic mind. Ended with the grandmother of all scenes last night where tempers ran high and all sorts of things were said. (For the first time, I actually gave as good as I got, not contributing to the general spirit of dulce et docorum either.) But she and I were nice enough to each other this morning, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping we can be that gracious till we actually feel nice towards one another.

The disrespectful offspring of course skipped work and is probably lying in bed as I type, morosely comtemplating the havoc his shilly-shallying has led to. Me, I thought office would be a safe place to be in.

I forgot to mention, things came to a head because I stalked off without having lunch yesterday. Watched Firewall at New Empire instead, which didn't make me a whole lot happier. Silly sort of movie.

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