Monday, March 20, 2006

Abject Apologies, All

(A description of events that lead to the following apology:

The Princess enters her office, chirpy and sleepy on this Monday morning. Looking forward to getting back to her blog, hoping that this day, like the last week, will be one filled with free hours. Which, incidentally, it will not. A class is scheduled in 20 min. Anyway. So, she turns on her monitor. Goes to the mail, then the blog. Mentally mumbles unsavoury words about all those folks who chose not to advertise their visits, even though the counter recorded those little bumps in the cyberspace... goes back to the Inbox, sees there is finally a comment for moderation... goes to Blogspot to publish it... yelps in shock and horror when she sees that comments have been waiting for moderation since January. Bruised and shaken, she picks herself off the floor and swears to turn the damn thing off, spammers or no spammers.

Except for the falling off the chair bit, it all happened, too. So, back to the apology -- )

I'm ever so sorry, folks. You must have been wondering what I was up to. I swear I didn't receive a single comment notification from Blogspot, except for this morning's, where Rimi self-righteously condemns my choice of reading matter. We will overlook her sotto voice thankyous for the link. Anyway, all your comments have been published, the darn moderation's been turned off, and you are free to air your views. I shall respond to all the stuff that was said in this post.

Anon -- With those best of intentions, do keep visting. If you do feel like doing night-monster bumps, I shall have to remind myself that I'm all growed up, now..

Vicky – Your language is not befitting our court. We are not pleased with the cowardice either. But in light of the fact that you made the bed this morning, we graciously pass over it this once.

Lakshmi – Thanks for the wishes. I am indeed being back to blogging as your fellow Madrasite noted, and allow me to point out I blogged two post daily for a few days last week. Tried logging into yours, but couldn't. Will visit later, ok?

Rimi – True, I admit your gift deserves a special mention. She got us a big and beautiful Japanese (?) fan, folks. It will be given a place of honour when we do have a place of our own. Where we live right now, the places of honour are rather taken over by the Marx Bros., Hedy Lamarr and Cary Grant, not to mention The Bogart. My own special man, Jimmy Stewart, is waiting for free walls too. So your fan is in august company.

Lancelot – Thanks for the welcome. And you're allowed to enthuse about cricket only as long as I am allowed to grumble about it. I enjoy watching the occasional match, but don't tell anybody that! As for the grass, I'd go for any march that said Legalise It. Why not? Am off it now cos of the baby, but I like knowing it's around and beloved.

Portnoy– I guess I wasn't clear about the literary reviews. I write for The Statesman when I can be stirred to it, and I was referring to those reviews. The folks there are being mighty patient about it, too. But if you like, I'll post the ones I have already done (the interesting ones, not all the rubbish) on my writing blog. And as for the tattoo, I sympathise. But tell me, can you get a decent proper tattoo done in B'lore? How expensive might it be, do you think?

Vicky – A last point. Go to Portnoy's site, you'll see something that'll interest you there. Port (can I call you that? Easier than Portnoy.) the husband's a PI freak.

Ok, that was written before the class, and is now being posted during my lunch hour. Bon appetit to you too.

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