Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What it all boils down to, my friend

It's been a month since the Day and all in all, I'm not regretting it. Yes, there have been moments (and minutes and hours) when I've believed that marrying V was a monstrously foolish thing to do. But then, if I hadn't, I wouldn't be enjoying the sight of him laughing his head off at the caricatures the Mac's camera makes. Come to that, there would be no Mac either, for us to footle around with. Then again, to be scrupulously honest, Vicky does the playing around with the machine while I stare in goggle-eyed awe.

Well then, this posting will be about the gifts we received. We have already boasted far and wide among available friends and relatives, even relative acquaintances (ha ha ha) and now I need fresh victims.

1. My mamarbari: an iMac G5 (cool!); a video iPod, the 30 GB variety; the first 24 Asterixes (i.e. all the Goscinny-Uderzo ones)

2. My parents: model cars -- a smashing 1931 Ford pickup and a 1952 Studebaker Starliner; lots of Ma's nicer jewellery and a very pretty set from Tanishq; luverly clothes from Singapore for me, not to mention positively scrumptious lingerie; swanky new cell phones (the Nokia 6670 and 6681); lots of chocolates; and a Chinese hat with attached queue for the cartoon that is the notun jamai. Ma kept an ancient promise and bought me my own sewing machine.

3. Friends-and-relations, my side: a Zenith Director series laptop; loooots of moolah (no, I refuse to reveal how much -- suffice it to say that only a handful of people gave below Rs. 500. I was touched, yes, but also rather shocked. Didn't know folks were that happy I was finally doing something conventional); a whole lotta glassware, including a Waterford clock and a little Royal Doulton basket; kitchen and household appliances; a plastic bonsai orange tree; lots of shawls (the perils of winter weddings, sigh); much silverware from the South Indian contingent; lots of Landmark gift vouchers from certain thoughtful parties.

4. Friends-and-relations, his side: generous amounts of cash; gold jewellery, most of it rather nice, from close family (and if you recall that the man has 40+ first cousins you will understand why that is saying a lot); enough pearl sets to show that Chandrani Pearls was having a sale just before the Day; a million bed-covers; some dubious looking jewellery boxes and two handsome ones; a Sony Digicam from a very nice cousin and his wife (this boudi was immensely helpful all through the reception, in fact, I am inclined to consider her one of the nicest things I acquired through getting married!); and several weird, if not downright ugly statues.

5. His immediate family: very pretty sarees and jewellery for the notun bou; a beautiful model triplane crafted from scrap metal for him, from his brother. Go Kingshuk!

So, my children, go back and read items 1, 2, even 3, 4 and 5 once more and drool. And feel silly you didn't get married too. From an early age I knew the gifts and the trousseau made even getting married worthwhile, and now I have proved it. Hah!

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Rimi said...

my gift finds no mention! AND the kid issue apart, you stole the man of my daydreams!

so, :P