Sunday, December 25, 2005

Yah Boo to You, Too!

Vicky left tonight. After a week of such fun as we've had, it's a little daunting to think of a week's convalescence without him, but I guess I'll manage. Besides, something tells me, convalescence is not all about drives down to the beach and lying around in each other's arms and dancing around the city. Besides, I don't feel properly repentant about wrecking everybody's plans (and scaring them witless in the bargain) when he's here and being his usual charming self.

Aw, who am I kidding? I don't feel the teeniest bit repentant. I'm glad he came, even if it took the typhoid to get him here.

Oh, and he actually got me driving. I've driven around bits of the city -- the less crowded bits, and I admit I stayed off the main roads mostly -- but I do feel more confident than I did before. This afternoon I even went down to fill 'er up and actually parked Ally in her place in the garage. I haven't knocked into anything yet either. I suppose it's only a matter of time, but still, it's heartening to know the time hasn't come yet.

We had fun, the last one week. What with driving down to Elliot Beach, meeting the (IIT) guys even, meandering around Marina yesterday evening, buying silly things at the beachside stalls, braving the Christmas rush at Spencers' this evening in search of a pink Caddy, it's all been so cheering. I guess I got way more than I deserved, but it was nice being spoiled.

Oh, and hopefully the folks with taste (I don't refer to Vicky or my mother here) will be relieved to hear that the pink Caddy wasn't found. Instead, we bought a '31(?) Ford Pickup and a early '50s Studebaker in a beautiful sea-green with the dinkiest details inside. It was awfully cute, the way my 29-year-old stood at the counter trying out the steering wheels, opening bonnets and doors and trying to decide which model car he wanted while a line of little boys came to stare in wide-eyed wonder in front of him and all those cars laid out on the counter. And yes, he did press their horns and go "peep". I suppose I'm just marrying a great big baby, at that.


vicky said...

It's a deep throaty 'beep', ya silly! My cars do NOT 'peep'!

Sue said...

I apologise, I'm sure. A deep, throaty Beep! right back at you, come to think of it.

Lancelot said...

came here from Rimi's blog... verrry cute post, and the one before too!!! And congrats on the two of you getting married.

Sue said...

Lance, thanks. From us both.