Monday, December 19, 2005

Had a Ticket to Hell and Back

For those of you who’ve been wondering, hell is a hospital room. The one I went into, spent four days of the last one week in, was a large one by hospital standards, with its own attached bathroom. Had a geyser even. And it was filled with figures who came and poked needles into me at all hours, into all parts of my body. I spent my time being unable to talk, unable to eat, for the most part, unable to so much as enjoy a sip a of water. Everything in hell tastes uniformly bad, and there are peculiar smells that drive you crazy. Worst of all, there are windows showing you the outside world, where you see people walk about reveling in their freedom while you are a prisoner of your doctor’s dictates.

In other words, I am convalescing from a bout of typhoid. It is probably evident from my earlier post where I might have picked it up, and a week ago last Sunday, I succumbed to high fever and incredible abdominal agony. Poor Ma had the toughest time. It drove her nearly demented, trying to figure out how to bring down the fever, wondering what the stomach pain was all about. Baba took two days of it and then booked me into the hospital. I was subjected to a variety of tests, all of which came back clear (including for typhoid) but the symptoms point to typh anyway. I even got a nickname for it already. Cute.

It was horrible. But the hospital stay was probably worse than the illness. The constant injections, the foul drips. They made me feel even worse. The nurses were nice, but so confoundedly cow-handed with the needles. The doctor was a pleasant gent. Have to meet him again in a couple of days.

Ma has been such an absolute brick. Someday I want my kids to think of me the way I do of her, admiringly. My silliness has wrecked all her carefully laid plans and she has yet to utter a word of reproach. (Baba’s already had plenty to say, but when did he not?) And then, Vicky’s flown down for the week, and it’s nice having him here. He washed my hair this afternoon – in bed!! – and that one thing has made me more comfortable. I hated the dirty feel.

Incidentally, breaking news on the wedding front: V and I signed the registration papers and they’re on their way to the Cal registrar as I type. And cards, ours I mean, have been delivered, so V and I spent some time popping them into envelopes tonight. It's nice to have him around.


Rimi said...

so, by this time, are you legally married? congratulation anyway!
and glad to know you're getting better, but tua tells me there's no chance of of coming to cal anytime soon. so...change of plans?

Sue said...

Dunno. We both signed the papers but I have a feeling the forms need to be filled in before we're legal.

I'll be Cal early Jan, that's the earliest the docs'll let me travel.