Monday, December 26, 2005

Clumsy? Me?

Love's a mug's game, for those who luck out. No, but seriously. This is not a lover's rhapsody about Vicky and me. This is the one for the ones that didn't work out. And for the couple which came so close.

Everybody, guys, including lucky old me, falls for the inaccessible one. Happens at least once to us all. We can all live with it. I have, still do, and I think I'm happy with my life. Why doesn't anybody believe me when I say that's possible? Yeah, yeah, we all think our tragedies are the worst there have ever been. For us I'll say they are, too. But we all get by, dammit. What's so evil about the word 'compromise'?

I am sick of hearing about how tough it is to love somebody who is not free for you. I sympathise. But I also happen to believe there's a reason the lady is not free. Because -- and listen to me carefully as I say it out slowly and loudly -- it wouldn't have worked out. So S- marries a guy her well-wishers loathe (with reason) and I- can't convince her family to accept her man. So L- can't convince his girl to stay and N- can't work up the nerve to speak to the one he likes. I know that the important thing here is that all these people carry their own grief around. Well, so what??? Live with it. Try to remember that the ones who are already taken did their own choosing, and are probably content with their choice. And for heaven's sake, try to find some happiness/peace/contentment in that the object of your affection is happy, albeit somewhere else.

Yes, I'm mad. I know for myself how it hurts to love somebody you can't have. And I do try not to push the ones who are going through it. I know as well as anybody can know what it's like to lose, and I will not have mutton-headed idiots preach at me how not to hurt. I already know and I learnt it in the hardest school there is.

Yes, I'm angry and not a little hurt I was not credited with a bit more sense and tenderness.


vicky said...

Hey? What's up there? Ki holo?

Sue said...

Long story, bud. Tell you some time.

WishfulThinker said...

"Everybody, guys, including lucky old me, falls for the inaccessible one." Oh yeah! :) Nice post I must say!