Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Good Day

After way too long, I had a good day yesterday. The reason for my good day is now lying behind me, snoring, on his bed. He should be where I'm sitting, in front of his little pc, presumably hard at work, but he isn't. He's cute though, lying there with a half-smile plastered over his mug.

But back to my good day. I spent an instructive morning with Diya, who (as Tua pointed out to me years ago when we were both wee tots or thereabouts) is not really my dida, but hers. She gave me the hankies she's made for my trousseau -- I love good, handmade lace! -- and I showed her the lace I'd got made from elsewhere for the petticoats for those sarees. I read a bit of the autobiography she's writing and munched on her inimitable homemade cake. Then I wandered off to another dida's. My mother's mejomami, who stays (sadly, alone) in a soul-satisfyingly old-world three-storey house in Bhowanipore, is arguably the nicest of all my extant didas. She's a damn good cook too, which I hold to be absolutely fundamental to dida ratings. She made me dal, bhaat, alu bhaja (jhuri) and a veg. curry and managed to make it taste like a feast. I met my father there, which didn't surprise me too much since I'd got the feeling he'd manage to drop in there somehow once I'd told him she was cooking for me.

Had written so far sitting in V's room this morning but now I'm picking up where I left off from Dana's place. It's late at night and we watched Broadway Bound. Spotlight put up a pretty decent performance I'll say. But back to the day before:

Baba and I went from mejomamidida's to Golpark, acquiring Dali Khurima and Paul along the way. We browsed through the bookstalls and obviously I succumbed. Bought Jamaica Inn and two other books I can't recall offhand. Oh yes, one was Seven Greek Plays and the other was the activity version of The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, i.e. it has paper games and cut-out masks. From there I went on to Vicky's (Baba went off to the airport, being en route Madras) and at V's we decided to make hay while the sun shone, vis. we decided to make use of the fact that I had the keys to Moore Avenue which happened to be empty too.

Just bears out what I say: good sex is definitely an Experience. Feeling (and looking?) extremely nice and warm and obviously post-coital V and I popped up to Sudder St. afterwards to meet his colleague-of-sorts. We were supposed to go have the Irish coffee at Blue Sky but it's undergoing yet another renovation so we went into some other place instead and had a coupla rounds of brandy. Point being, it was a day like a whole lot of other days I've known, but it was a happy day. Unlike the ones I've known for so many months now. Don't mean to sound depressed there, but it's nice to feel so good once more.


Rimi said...

er, still here? na kete porechho already?

Sue said...

Well, I'm in Chennai now, if that's what you're asking. Why?