Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No sooner did I get back from Bangalore than I found the house flooded with (welcome) guests. Baba’s schoolmates Amitkaku and Tapashkaku brought their families and Vicky joined the party on Tuesday morning. Found it irritating initially, having so many people around (I do value my privacy) but eventually it was a great deal of fun. We all needed the prolonged companionship. Vicky never got a chance to be withdrawn or quiet; the three fathers drank all day every day and were perfectly content that way; the three mothers nattered to their hearts’ content and refused to cook; I did the occasional spot of housework and spent all the time I could with V. Guddi was quiet, but I guess she has to put up with enough rubbish at the moment. Dada was the only one missing, even Pom made it down for a few days from his college in Bangalore.

V and I discovered a quiet, little park across the bridge one evening. For half an hour I was serenely happy. He was too, I think.

We tried out the Bengali Association puja here, Ma and me. Obnoxious people. What is it about probashi Bengalis that turns them into such class-conscious asses? Oh, and for the first time ever, all the new clothes I had for puja were three sarees and a couple of kameezes. Very strange feeling, having such ‘good girl’ clothes only. And me only 23! Wore one of them (the red one sent by V’s mother) when V and I went out by ourselves on Dashami. He wore the new kurta I’d bought him, so we looked very good, dutiful ‘children’. Didn’t last long. We went down to Elliot Beach, where the rain got us good and drenched, so much so that we had to buy new clothes from one of the shops there. Was fun, all considered. We were joined at Barista eventually by Arjun, Venkat, Ravi and Hemant. Rained cats and dogs that day. Parents and gang, who’d gone to Mahabalipuram that day, had to return drenched. Met them at the Spencer's Noodle House for dinner.

Got my nose pierced. Met Sukanta and Supriya Chaudhuri at Spencer’s (on another visit). Went to B’lore once more, this time with V on a shopping spree. Met up with Dhruba there. Some trip that was… So much to write, but why bother. You had to be there.

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Rimi said...

how small a world IS this? you met sukanta and supriya chaudhuri and dhrubo ( the dhrubo?)AND had your nose pierced? i can never gather enough courage, somehow... :(