Sunday, October 09, 2005

Back in Chennai after my little ‘escapade’. It’s silly, really. Could have gone to Bangalore having told the parents the real details of my hosts and proposed activities – but I knew I would have to hear a lot of recriminations even before the trip, so it was easier to have a cover, bless Shriya’s cute little heart (she allowed me to use her as an alibi).

It was bliss, going on a bender. We left drunk, late on Wednesday night (the guys were much higher though, having been busily abusing stuff their parents probably wish they’d never heard of) in a bus that was infested with bedbugs. The journey was all right though. H and I took the window seats and I woke up several times to see a beautifully clear, starry sky. Nice to commune with nature sometimes. Not via bedbugs though.

Finally met the misnamed Evil Twin the next morning, when Ravi’s brother Raghu came by to pick us up. I’m afraid I embarrassed myself by staring at the two brothers rather rudely but hey, I guess they’re used to it. The boys have a neat place in their house, the room-on-the-roof. I have been just so incredibly lucky with rooms-on-the-roofs… every single one I’ve been in has been special, and this one in Banglore was as nice as the others. After lunch at Venkat’s we went to the Leela Palace, where Curly and I splashed out on Belgian chocolates and we had a nicely stoned conversation amidst much coffee in the Barista there. We went to Mojo’s later, where I found out that I can drink much, much more beer than I thought I could all these years. Nice place, Mojo’s, if noisy. Me and Nancy were the only ones who could face the dinner his mother had left on the table, later that night. My kind of a day, really. Drunk, stoned and very happy throughout.

The next two days were a variation on this basic theme. On Friday Nancy took me to visit Srinivas on the other side of town. S has got himself a rather nice flat. Oh, and I must mention that he made the two of us breakfast since he insists on that being publicized. In the afternoon, after watching ‘Man on the Moon’, H, the twins, Curly and I went shopping for clothes (for Venkat). Afterwards we met up with Chandra and Pradeep at Suri’s, a most disreputable-looking drinking joint. One does not, with extreme prejudice, deign to title it pub. One has spoken.

The last day was spent comparatively quietly. Lay around doing nothing much for a good, long time. Arjun arrived early in the morning, so he gave the party a fresh lease of life. The afternoon having been spent quietly finishing the rat poison formerly known as weed, we rolled ourselves out of the house in the evening, H and I all packed and ready to catch the bus eventually. We went drinking at a place called BJP – The Beer Joint Pub (and restaurant). It was ok. Actually, I ended up having much more fun than I’d anticipated. Had been going on a downer till then, but a call from Beq revived my spirits wonderfully. We had a quick dinner later at some restaurant; V and I shared a good tetrazzini. Note to self: Must stop sounding so damn cynical all the time. It’s a wonderful world, innit? Even if it ain’t?

The bus back home was late, but it was comfortable enough. Dunno if poor H got much sleep though! :-) It went tremendously fast, so we reached Chennai in less than six hours.

It was the perfect break. Really needed to go somewhere and the guys really made sure I had a great time. If any of you ever get around to reading this, thanks, man.

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Sue said...

For the uninitiated:
Curly = Venkat (with cute curls)
Nancy = Ravi (who isn't a wimp at all)
H = Hemant (mais si)